Thursday, May 22, 2008


Vaughn and I went to Aruba with his family last week and on the flight down there I finally felt a punch/kick! Ever since then baby Granger has been moving quite a bit. It really likes it when I eat something and sit still. Vaughn has yet to feel the baby move though. It always stops moving as soon as Vaughn comes to put his hand on my belly. haha it's already playing favorites. My belly has also grown a lot in the past two weeks. I've gone from beer gut to big baby bump. Time to take another picture and post.

Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9, 2008

At our last Dr.'s appointment (April 24) we got to see the baby again! It's amazing how much it has grown since last month. I also had to get more blood tests done to see if my Thyroid medication is doing what it was supposed to. So Vaughn and I figured since I'm getting blood drawn anyway we would test for downs as well. The blood work all came back positive! My medicine is doing it's job and my thyroid level is where is should be. I still have to take my one pill a day for it. The downs test came back great! There is a one in ten thousand chance that the baby will have downs, we were very relived. Right now we are at 18 weeks, it's flying by so quickly! We haven't done anything yet: no names picked out (we have a running list though), no crib purchasing, day care, etc. etc. Oh well, it'll get done evenutally, right?!

I've started feeling a little movement. Sometimes it is hard to tell between baby movement and then just regular stomach movement. :) Vaughn is still teaching the baby how to swim. We have to get a jump start because Emory is well on her way to becoming an Olympic swimmer herself! So maybe the baby is practicing the strokes vaughn taught it!