Saturday, April 30, 2011

Daddy and His Girls

I like to think that one of Vaughn’s favorite part of his day is coming home to his girls.  The noise level in this house reaches another octave when he walks in the door- wouldn’t you want a welcoming committee like that when you got home?!  He’s not able to walk more than a couple of feet in the house before he’s got one of them in his arms, to be honest, it’s one of MY favorite part of the day!IMG_5331IMG_5339The other night Vaughn commented that he never thought he’d see so much “girly” things in one house.  He has even taken to Dora band-aids for his “boo boos”IMG_5335

Now that were able to be outside most of our day, Callie is always coloring daddy something on the patio…IMG_5343

Usually Daddy gets a “buuutyfull” butterfly, or maybe a pretty flower…IMG_5345Chloe sits by making sure we are following the exact picture on the sidewalk chalk box…IMG_5356

IMG_5351These girls LOVE their daddy and I can totally understand why!  It’s been so much fun seeing him turn to mush when he’s around his “girly” baby girls!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last week we headed to EdVenture with Aunt Kelsey for the first time, and we had a blast!  Callie was all over the place and I was SO thankful that Kelsey was there!

Fireman and driving a fire truck!EdVenture4He absolute favorite was the Piggly Wiggly grocery store.  I mean, look at that tongue, such concentration! EdVenture1

I think she got almost everything possible to “buy” at the grocery storeEdVenture2Checking out!EdVenture3

Chloe wasn’t sure what was going on with all the screaming kidsIMG_4987

Another favorite was the music room! EdVenture  They also had a dentist room which I was excited about.  Callie is going to the dentist soon so I’m hoping this would help her not be scaryIMG_5017   We also got an EdVenture pass for Easter so I’m sure we’ll be making many more trips!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Strawberry Patch

We always love doing new activities whenever we can.  I’ve wanted to go to the strawberry patch for a while now, and was so excited to finally get a chance to go!  James and Chollet came to join in the fun, we always love when friends come with us on our activitiesIMG_5301Mac didn’t waste anytime and went straight to picking strawberries.  I was hoping this would take up a portion of our morning, well 30 minutes later we were done she had picked so many so fast!Strawberry Picking1


Chloe on the other hand was less than excited, we went during her morning nap time and she wasn’t up for “just go with it.”  She didn’t understand that some of these were going to be for her….IMG_5321    James did a great job helping his mommy too!Strawberry Picking2 We almost didn’t make it home with any strawberries.  Mac couldn’t walk two feet before stopping to eat a couple.  Thank goodness for the gallon bucket!Strawberry Picking  Thank you James and Chollet for joining us!  All of our strawberries are gone now (yes four days later) and were ready to pick some more!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chloe's First Taste

Chloe had her first taste of an adult beverage tonight...

I think she liked the cold can on her teething gums, at least that's what I'm telling myself. :)

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Chloe's New View

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Forest Acres Rooftop Rhythms

For the past two years I have wanted to go to Forest Acres' Rooftop Rhythms and this year we FINALLY went! I didn't really know what to expect except that Callie would have plenty to do. Chloe also had plenty to do, she's a people watcher and was loving her view!

Mac loves a bouncy house and ran right towards it. She was a little small to climb up the slide, but with daddys hand/ help she was good to go!

We also found our way to the sno-cone machine

This was my attempt for a shot of the girls. Being past bedtime and eating too many treats, listening to mommy was low on the priority list...

But this swell guy is always up for a pic :)

We had a great time at out first Rooftop Rhythms and can't wait to go again!

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Easter Brunch

After church we headed back to our house for Easter brunch with our parents!  We missed our brothers this year, with growing families and living in different cities its hard to get everyone together at one time!

We did quick pictures while we were still in our Sunday bestIMG_5255 The girls and their grandparents!Easter1

The girls also got some goodies from their grandparents, both were pleased with what they got :)Easter2

Then it was time for yet another Easter egg hunt!  Callie was more than excited to participate, however, very disappointed to find that there wasn’t any goodies in these eggs like the last hunt. Easter3 But, she was still happy to find eggs!IMG_5291Chloe was just as excited to be outside and hanging out with everyone- I love that smile!!Easter   We had a great time being with our families on such an amazing day!  I love our tradition of everyone coming over after church, hoping that next year we’ll have our brothers and sister in law to join us!

Easter Morning- Easter Bunny

The girls must have been super good, because the Easter Bunny came, and he brought them some goodies!  They didn’t get a chance to leave him a note or snacks the night before, they were so exhausted from the day before activities so bedtime came a lot earlier than expected!IMG_5219Still in clothes they wore from the day before, don’t judge, they went to town on the goodies!  IMG_5227 IMG_5229Callie was super excited about her very own digital camera!  I can’t wait to see what she takes pictures of, and I hope to post them as well!IMG_5247 Chloe was excited about her new snack- Puffs!IMG_5234 IMG_5238I also like that the Easter Bunny was practical in his gifts to the girls.  We could always use some formula, especially with this little bug- she loves her bottle :)IMG_5241

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Fun

The Saturday before Easter we headed over to my aunts house to celebrate!  Callie was super excited because William (Wilyam) was going to be there!  While all of us enjoyed eating lunch, the kids enjoyed playing in William’s bouncy house.4-232Chloe was just as excited to play with Papa’s glasses 4-231After some lunch and play we headed down the street for the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt!  The kids rode down the street in style, even if it was a little small for them…4-23Chloe was excited to come along as well!4-237It was time for the big hunt, William and Callie discussed the best way to go after the eggs…IMG_5116  That plan however was forgotten the second she saw the Easter Bunny!  Seriously, I had to pry the girl away from him.  I even apologized to the Easter Bunny because he was having a hard time visiting with the other kids because mine was obsessed…4-234We got a diversion when I told Callie she could get a tattoo like her daddy.  She loved it, I did too- it washes off… 4-233Next was face painting, of course it had to be of the Easter Bunny4-235William went with a Dinosaur 4-236The grandmothers got in on the fun showing off some hula hoop skills… IMG_5166 It was about time to wrap up the fun but I wasn’t about to let the kids get away without taking some quick picturesIMG_5202IMG_52084-238This was the best shot out of the thirty taken of the three of us.  They were seconds away from a meltdown and way past their bedtime.IMG_5212         We loved seeing family and the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  it was a great way to get the Easter weekend started!