Friday, February 29, 2008

Our lab results came in and everything is okay except for my thyroid is not producing enough hormone. The reason this is such a concern is because the thyroid hormones are used to regulate body energy, the body's use of other hormones and vitamins, and the growth and maturation of body tissues. This could lead to fetal development issues. However, there is good news, it is treatable by a pill! So today I went and got more blood work done to check it again and to see where to go from here. Doc said I'll more than likely be put on medication starting next week depending what the lab results say again.

Well the girls at work have dubbed the baby in the womb name as "Baby Jose." Why are you asking? Well that's easy- Baby Jose was conceived in Mexico! Depending on the sex, when we find out, the name might change to "Baby Margarita" if it's a girl. They have also named the child, if it's a boy, to Lucas. Amy D. said the same thing, so we'll see!

Here is Baby Jose below, or the blob, isn't it beautiful! The baby is in the middle between the two + marks.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 28- 7 1/2 Weeks

Yesterday was our very first Dr.'s Appointment. Vaughn and I were so nervous waiting for the doctor to come and check everything out. When we finally got to see the baby with it's little heart beating, we cried, laughed and stared in awe of it. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. We got a print out, which I hope to post soon to show everyone, and I'm sure you'll agree, the little blob is beautiful! :) So, save the Date(s): October 9-15th. Not sure when it'll be but sometime during then! Grandpa Rowland checked and made sure it's not during a Clemson home game, so we're in the clear. The girls at work have started taking belly pictures so we can see the progress- this first one is pretty funny- nothing to see!