Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween- From my phone

Callie at dance- she got her fingers painted with glow in the dark polish! 


After dance we had to make a quick run to Publix.  Did you know that you could trick or treat with them too?!  It was an AWESOME surprise for us.  We went trick or treating in the bakery, dairy, vegetable, and meat aisles! So funIMG_0020

Chloe got a few pieces of candy as well, but mean mommy wouldn’t let her partake in the eating part.  I don’t think she minded, she like counting her loot just fine!IMG_0034

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pink Glove- Follow Up

They won!!  I’m so excited to share that Lexington Hospital won the first every Medline Pink Glove Dance Competition!  61,504 people on facebook voted them to the top where they won $10,000 to be donated to the Vera Bradley Foundation.  Another cool part?  Mom was on TV!  Fox and Friends did a spot on them Friday morning and mom was visible in the background dancing with all the Lexington Medical employees.  Callie thought it was so neat to see G-Kat on the TV, and to dance with the music!  Check her out on the link below!

Fox and Friends Pink Glove Dance Clip

Friday, October 28, 2011

Callie’s School Halloween Party

Callie continued continued celebrating Halloween by having a party in her class!  I really wanted to check out all the fun so Mrs. Dawne let me stay and take pictures.  I’m so glad I was able to, being a “fly” on the wall in that classroom was great!  I got there a little early, while they were still in music class, to help set up.  Callie typically doesn’t like when I linger in her classroom to talk to the teacher, but when she saw that I was there for the party, she was actually happy about it- yay!  They dug right into their cupcakes and barely ate their cantaloupe and cheese, can’t say I blame them!


While they washed up and got into their stations (we had to wait a couple of minutes because they were going on a trick or treat walk) I walked around the class and admired all the decorations!


Callie happened to be flag holder this particular day- cute!


Dinosaur station- ROAR! IMG_7594

It was time to go on our walk!  They all stood in line and waited patiently while they got their trick or treat bag…IMG_7600IMG_7604

and their “scary” monster masks!


Then it was time to walk! 



I’m so glad I was able to be there and see this cuteness in action!  The other kids in the class even got used to me and started not being so shy around me.  I took WAY more pictures than this because I’m going to send all the pictures to the other parents.  I remember when I had to work and miss these types of things and just wished I could see what went on, hope they’ll get some enjoyment out of it!

Dr Visits

We've had our fair share this month. Chloe has been three times and Callie once (one each for well check up). Poor Chloe had been battling some bug and is now on round two of antibiotics with a double ear infection. Even though everyone keeps their spirits around here even when they're sick, ready to have my heathy girl back!

Chloe at Drs office

Two Little Pumpkins

Well we FINALLY made it to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkin!  Better late than never, right?!  We were meeting Vaughn after work to pick it out and of course I wanted to take pictures of our little outing.  However, one thing I’ve learned after 6 years of marriage, if you want pictures of something, do it before Vaughn gets there.  So that’s what we did, we arrived a few minutes before Vaughn so I could get a couple of pumpkin shots with the girls!  When we got there, the girls stayed close together, scoping out the the pumpkins and other kids running around


Once they realized they could run around and play, game on!IMG_7672IMG_7701

We took a look at several pumpkins to see which ones were finalists to show daddy.  It had to pass a couple of tests…IMG_7696

Weight limit IMG_7753


and of course everyone had to agree on itIMG_7722

This little pumpkin was just right to take home, so we did :)IMG_7748

When we couldn’t decided on the PERFECRT big pumpkin, we took a look at the smaller onesIMG_7757


Chloe easily found hers, and wasn’t about to let it goHalloween2

We were close to breaking down when Vaughn showed up, yay!Halloween

We were surprisingly able to quickly settle on one once daddy arrived (amazing how that happens) and happily showed it off!Halloween1

Love any excuse to go to the pumpkin patch, especially since we got to take some home this time.  Anyone up for a lunch one last time before it closes?!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Clemson Visit

We finally had a “free” weekend so I decided to fill it up by taking the girls to Clemson!  Apparently I don’t know how to take it easy on a weekend, I have to be doing something, and going to Clemson this past weekend was perfect.  The girls went to Clemson earlier this year with me, but this was Chloe’s first game and Callie’s second.  Vaughn wasn’t able to come with us since he had to work on Saturday, so my parents were a HUGE help and made the trip possible for us. We got to Clemson late Friday night after Boo @ the Zoo.  I had hoped they would sleep the entire way, but Callie wanted to play 21 questions the. entire. way. so that didn’t exactly turn our like I had hoped.  We woke up the next morning in good spirits and ready to cheer on the Tigers!  The game started at 12:00 so we tried to get to tailgate a little early, snacks kept our little crew going strong. 


We headed in and lasted at our seats for the first quarter.  These two are used to watching “daddy” football from the living room where they can run and play- not so easy to do when you have lots of neighbors seating

Chloe was over it, the sun was in her face and it was lunch time…IMG_7393

Clemson 10-211

I decided that we would walk around a bit and settled on some "lemonade ice cream.”  They loved this and kept them busy for a while longerClemson 10-21

I then texted mom for assistance, we were about to meltdown- needing food, drinks and naps.IMG_7403

Callie on the other hand met Alex, a family friend of ours son and she was immediately smitten with him.  Seriously. Obsessed.  She was even too shy and goofy to take a picture with Alex for me.  This girl has a thing for older boys, it’s cute for now, but makes me REALLY nervous if this continues….   Clemson 10-212

I took Callie back in for the third quarter, but as soon as we got to our seats she was asking to go see Alex and G-Kat.  So to keep her seated for at least a quarter we played find the Tiger, cheerleaders, flags, anything to keep her occupied.  After all those attempts wore off, we headed out for Callie to play at the tailgate.  Mom was so great and let me go back in and sit with dad.  It’s not too often I get to go to a game, so I took advantage of her offer!  After the game, I took Callie to see some other friends of ours at their tailgate.  While we were there we ran into the Godfrey’s!  Brady and Tyler have two cute boys around the girl’s ages.  Preston and Callie hit it off and had a great time playing with each other.Clemson 10-214Seriously adorable…Clemson 10-213After quick goodbye hugs we headed back to check on Chloe1

We passed by the tiger and HAD to get a picture of Mac beside it.  On her first trip to Clemson I took a picture of her sitting beside it, and wanted to re-create it, she’s gotten so big!Clemson Trip 5

When we got back Chloe was going strong playing but we knew we didn’t have too much longer before they would need dinner and then an early bedtime.  We stayed for a few more minutes, few more pictures then headed back to the apartment for much needed baths and quiet time!  IMG_7490

We had a GREAT time spending our weekend in Clemson and with my parents.  I probably won’t take the girls back into a game for a few more years.  That’s fine with me, just being there at a game to see friends, family and be in a sea of orange is a perfectly good time for us!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Boo at the Zoo

We were so excited to go to Boo at the Zoo this year.  The last time we went Callie was Chloe’s age.  We didn’t go last year because Chloe was making her grand entrance into this world. :)  To make this trip even better the Helfer’s and Dupree’s were joining us!  We arrived and Callie got out of the car SUPER excited so see everyone and go trick or treating at the Zoo


and to see her best buddy James Bob the Builder!  James on the other hand gets a little overwhelmed with Callie’s excitement :)


Chloe the bumblebee had to get her costume on when we got there.  She also did a GREAT job being dressed up, was worried she wouldn’t go with it, thankfully she did!


We went on in and had a dance party while we waited for Vaughn and the Dupree’s


The superhero Dupree’s showed upBooAtTheZoo'114

and we were off!IMG_9172IMG_9108

I loved the fact that they didn’t hand out just candy at the trick or treat spots!  I mean who doesn’t love a Zebra Peacock?!


Our peacock however, loved getting candy BooAtTheZoo'115

Family Pic!  This makes me laugh, will we ever get a decent picture of all of us?!


We walked all around and made it back to the front, but the kids weren’t done playing.  So we let them climb on all the animal statues for a bit before we headed out.


I had such a great time- great time, weather and company!  This got us in the Halloween spirit and looking forward to more trick or treating at school and in the neighborhood!