Monday, March 24, 2008

It's going to be a.... ?

So apparently I've been saying that Baby Granger is a boy without even noticing. But I also feel like it's going to be a boy, not sure why though- maybe becuase Granger's don't have girls?! Well I just went online to check out the Chinese Birth Chart. Kate (my cousin) did it before she new she was having a boy and it was correct! So I thought, hey why not. Well, if it is correct we are going to have a, drum roll please, GIRL! Next test is going to be the ring on a string, we'll see if that says girl as well. Since we are not going to find out the sex of the baby, I'll have to keep myself guess with all the crazy tests, hahaha. Has anyone else tried this? Think that would be interesting if someone else has and it came out correct. I would post a new belly picture, however, I was not to impressed with the way I looked that day and have decided not to post it, will have to wait till next time! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's official, I'm in maternity clothes now. I tried to wear a pair of non-maternity jeans yesterday and when I sat down I had to un-button them! It definitely time to take another picture of my belly cause there has to be a big difference- at least I'm telling my self that. :) I'm feeling great, no real nausea so far. Still getting a little tired in the afternoon, but I can handle that. Started my mommies to be yoga class this past Saturday and that was wonderful. She taught us some wonderful ways to stretch our hips and do little exercises to help us build our muscles. There are only four of us in the class, I'm the furthest from my due date, but it was great to see what's to come! I haven't tried them on my own yet though, that could get a little dangerous. She had to come over to me several times to actually put me in the correct position, but hey at least I tried!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

8 1/2 Weeks

Lab tests came back saying that, yes, my thyroid is low and I would need to be on medication for the rest of the pregnancy. I was kinda bumed about it, until I took the miracle drug. That same day I felt better than I have in weeks. I had twice as much energy and just felt like the fog was lifted! I finally researched what fetal development issues were related to this and I was surprised at what I found. In the first trimester low thyroid can cause delays in the baby's motor skills, in the second trimester it can cause a the baby's IQ to be a couple of points lower than it should be. So good thing we caught it early on!

Yesterday my Aunt Ellen stopped by my work to drop off some art work done my my cousin's children, my flower girls: Sydney, Kennedy and Mary-Clay. They each got to decorate two sheets of paper (they got to go to Micheal's and pick the paper out themselves) with baby stickers and advise for Vaughn and I for the new baby. Mary-Clay (4) drew a picture of Vaughn and I pushing the baby in the stroller- I guess she wanted us to take the baby on walks. Kennedy (7) wrote that Vaughn and I need to put the baby to bed together each night and then we can do what we do, like watch TV. Then Sydney (10) said to kiss the baby each night together and make sure we are able to hear the baby. Vaughn and I love these! They are on our refrigerator and will be put in the baby scrap book.