Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy 6 Months Liam!

Oh sweet boy, you are the best!  I had so much fun taking your 6 months photos, you were most excited to play in the grass


You have just started sitting up, which you are loving.  Still not rolling over, but the pediatrician says I shouldn’t worry about :)


Everyone says you look just like your daddy, and I completely agree!  You are growing so fast right now: 28inches tall (91%) and 18.6lbs (62%) and in 9-12 month clothing. 


You eat just about everything.  Veggies haven’t come easy, you like a little applesauce with them,but you’re coming around to eating them.  In fact, you want to eat whatever we’re eating, so I just puree it up for ya!


Your sisters sure do love you little guy and are always around to help me take care of you.  Callie has taken to a mother role and Chloe, well Chloe is just a silly thing with you!


Little guy you have just been a blessing to us and we cannot imagine our life without you.  We love you to pieces and love watching you grow more and more everyday!


Happy Fall!