Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We’ve been talking about renovating our house for a while now, really ever since we moved into the house 4 years ago.  Lately, however, the talk got more serious and we figured in the next 6 months we’d have enough money saved up to start phase one.  We’ll to my surprise, we were a lot closer than 6 months and Vaughn surprised me for Christmas with the contract to get us started in the new year!  This phase includes removing the wall that separates the kitchen from the den, new paint, hardwood floors in both rooms, and new couch.  We started the Tuesday after New Years, but with a bumpy start.  Callie had gotten a nasty stomach bug Monday (almost had to take her to the hospital it was so bad) so I couldn’t get the rooms cleaned out like I needed to. Thanks to Vaughn, JJ and my mom for coming in that night to save the day!  The rooms got cleared out so they could begin the next morning.


The first piece of wood was removed, and so it began!



A dust wall went up, thank goodness, while they finished up the removal of the wall.  It was kinda freaky, reminded me of those killer movies…. anyway….


Bye Bye wall! (From the den looking into the kitchen)


So far, very happy!  Hard to believe this is really happening, but so glad it is!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

SC State Museum

This particular Sunday we  decided to head to the SC State Museum to see Body Worlds and check out the rest of the museum.  I’m not much into what Body Worlds has to offer, however, figured I’d give one for the team and check it out.  No pictures were allowed in the Body Worlds, and fine by me, not something I’d personally like to look at again- but I’m sure someone else would find it very fascinating! :)  After that exhibit, we headed out to explore the rest of the museum.  Chloe loved being able to run around and “look” at everythingIMG_1110

Callie also enjoyed the areas where it was hands onIMG_1111IMG_1112IMG_1114IMG_1117

Even though the Body Worlds exhibit wasn’t for me, I love any activity we can all do together!

Sweet Baby G!

The Granger family is growing by 1 again, and it’s not us this time!! DR and Kelsey are pregnant!  We are so excited to be adding another baby to the family!  DR and Kelsey decided to find out what Sweet Baby G is going to be, so we all went to dinner one night for them to share the big news.  We went around the table and shared what we thought Baby G would be.  Callie has been saying Girl the entire time, so I went with that.  Everyone else went with Boy.  Sparkling grape juice was served and we were sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to hear the news…IMG_0474IMG_0484IMG_0480


It’s a….IMG_0483

BOY!  I’m so excited for a little boy in the family and everything that comes with it!  I’ve already bought him several outfits, how can you resist?!  At this dinner they hadn’t come up with a name, but right before Christmas they did, and I love it. 

Levi Miles Granger

Little Levi is due in May so were just waiting and praying for a healthy happy baby boy and a healthy pregnancy for his mommy!

Follow Kelsey and DR’s journey to parenthood and beyond on their blog!

Friday, January 6, 2012

From the phone

Chloe LOVES getting her photo taken, especially with my phone when she can see herself.  Sometimes I can even catch her cross eyed- hilarious!


Callie wasn’t about to be left out either!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years

Hard to believe that it was already time to celebrate New Years!  But as usual, it snuck up on us way to fast but we were going to celebrate and make the best of it!  The Grangers offered to watch the girls that night for us and we happily accepted their offer.  I dropped them off right before lunch and they were so excited to be with their Nana and Big V they didn’t look back to say goodbye.  Vaughn and I then met up for lunch and a drink at Pawleys Front Porch before heading to JJ and Jills for the night.  Yes, I’m drinking ‘beer’ now and I like it! IMG_0894

After a yummy burger, we headed home, packed up the wagon and walked down to JJ & Jill’s, it’s nice having great friends that live only a couple houses down!


Jill and I spent the day drinking champagne while rocking on her back porch while the boy did what boys do (drink beer, grill and play corn hole).  Later that evening Vaughn cooked us all wings, and they were AMAZING!


We enjoyed everyone else’s fireworks.  Seeing that it’s known not to be a safe thing for our group to do, this was less stressful and more enjoyable!


Girl shot, missing Jill


Celebrated these two!  Excited for their wedding this year! To be Hollis’


The Helfers








and Waller!


Lots of fun had by all at the Shellenbergs.  Looking forward to a great 2012!