Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Since it’s been SO hot outside and the weather so unpredictable, I decided we needed to do some indoor activities this week.  One of those happened to be baking some cookies.  IMG_1230Callie was excited to be my little assistant, and did a great job- only licked one cookie dough piece! Baking 7-27-10She was very proud of herself for putting all the dough on the sheetsBaking 7-27-101  It was then time to put one of the sheets into the oven and while I had my back turned, our “favorite” dog, Doc, decided he wanted a cookie.  This was her face after he ran off with the goods- “Oh Noooooo.”  IMG_1243This face also looks like mine when I pulled the cookies out of the oven….  “Oh NOOOO”  I burned  Oh well, we had a good time trying, and maybe next time I’ll have something to show for it.


She did it!  Callie looked at the camera and smiled, and  the best part, she asked to do it!  We got home today from mother’s morning out and she saw my camera on the counter and said “Iwanna Cheese!”  This is what we got, enjoy!IMG_1260IMG_1261IMG_1262IMG_1263IMG_1264

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kelsey- The Newest (soon to be) Granger Addition

This past Saturday, Callie and I got to attend a shower for Kelsey- DR’s fiancĂ©!  I know, you are probably thinking, WHAT?  Kelsey and DR got engaged a couple of months ago and are planning on getting married in November, and we couldn’t be more excited for them! (I totally forgot to do a post on it, and then time just got the best of me, so this is to catch up)   They met at PC and are a perfect match for each other, and will be a great addition to the Granger group.  Mrs. Granger and I are excited to have another girl in the mix- the Granger girls are taking over!  Anyway, back to the shower.  We were invited to her first shower, theme- Kitchen! 

Mrs. Granger with the future Mrs. Granger :)8The host had some wonderful food for everyone, Callie especially loved the fruit.6Something was really funny… 5Callie and I found our seat and she continued to enjoy the food, anything to keep her busy!1Kelsey was a little nervous about opening presents in front of everyone…2but still managed to have a good time! 3DR came by afterwards to help load the gifts up in the car, he’s going to be a good husband!7 We had a great time celebrating with all the girls and cannot wait for many more showers to come!

Baby Girl Granger Update!

Today we had another check up to see how Baby Girl Granger is coming a long.  I love going to our doctor’s appointment because we get an ultrasound each time we go and seeing her grow is always amazing.  Everything is progressing in the form of health for both mom and baby.  Baby girl is breached right now though, but Dr. Hanna said there is still plenty of time for her to change her mind and flip.  I hope it’s sooner than latter though!  She is also fairly active and loves to kick my insides, which is a little different from my experience with Callie.  Callie was active but actually kicked “outward” on my stomach, this little girl likes to kick “inward” and let me tell ya, not the best feeling.  Anyway, if baby girl doesn’t turn herself, at around 37 weeks (10 weeks from now- crazy!), Dr. H will try and move her to the correct position.  Our next appointment is again in 4 weeks, we’ll be 31 weeks, not much more time to go after that!  I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going, as happy that makes me, I’m totally not ready for her to make her entrance.  I did go on to BRUs’ website yesterday to see what I needed to get- I even registered for the products to get the discount- HA.  So, in the next couple of weeks I have to finish Callie’s big girl room so this baby girl will have her own room.  We’re making progress, but still a long way off.  No matter what though, all the pre-work never compares to the after-work, but could not compare to the joy it brings us- can’t wait to meet her!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beach Trip- Myrtle Beach!

Last weekend we took a much anticipated trip to Myrtle Beach with our friends the Dupree’s, Helfer’s, and Boo & Alex!  We’ve been planning this for a year now and we were so excited that the weekend had finally come.  I was especially excited to take Callie to the beach, she loves playing in sand and water and loves playing with Emory- what more could this girl ask for!  We headed down on Friday and immediately hit the beach.  In all, there were 12 of us, with an additional two babies on the way, so there was never a lack of someone to play with.  Thankfully there was a small pool when we headed down and we plopped the little ones down and let them do their thing.IMG_3317Callie liked watering Watson…IMG_3323 and Emory!  This was an attempt to take a picture of three of the four kids, not the easiest task.  Also, I love how Emory is actually posing for the camera! :)IMG_3328 The watering can didn’t leave her hand…IMG_3337Emory found a big pile of sand to climb on, and since Callie thinks Emory is awesome, she wasn’t far behindIMG_3376IMG_3369  The boys made their own fun- bodysurfing…37720_853087788197_12605743_46138895_5021147_nalmost loosing our pants…38276_853087763247_12605743_46138890_2727008_nand some ladder ball…38661_853089250267_12605743_46138943_4001_nDay two we spent a good portion of the day back on the beach… although this time, Callie was exhausted!  I tried several times to get her to fall asleep, but to no avail… we eventually had to head back up for our nap…38396_853087728317_12605743_46138887_154793_n38276_853087753267_12605743_46138888_5151135_n“Boo, stop taking my picture!”  haha38183_853098910907_12605743_46139267_6744216_n

We did perk up for a snack, amazing what a juice and chip can do!37904_853099060607_12605743_46139275_3560171_n 37904_853099055617_12605743_46139274_2522835_n I think all families left the beach exhausted, we all had our hands full, but it was well worth it.  We loved spending the weekend with such great friends and hope we’ll have many more trips like them in the future!

*Thanks Amy and Boo for the pictures!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Emory!

We were so excited to go and celebrate Emory’s 3rd Birthday this past Friday!  It was held at Leapin’ Lizards, we had never been there before so I was super excited to check it out myself- and it did not disappoint.  Callie was super excited to play with Emory, I had been telling her all day that we were going to her birthday party that afternoon.  Once we arrived, I think Callie was a little overwhelmed on what to do- there was so much to choose from!  But a little coaxing from the birthday girl, and our favorite Au Pair (Boo), Mac was on her way to having a blast.IMG_1175And then there was no stopping this little girl from doing the slide and every other activity!IMG_1176


IMG_1195 We played so hard, we worked up a thirst, a sip of mommy’s sprite hit the spotIMG_1202 Birthday girl had one little melt down when some of the other girls weren’t sharing- I mean, it’s her party and she can cry if she wants' to! :)IMG_1201

But that didn’t last long, because it was time for cupcakes- YUM!IMG_1205 Callie thoroughly enjoyed her cupcake, and herself at Emory’s party. I cannot wait to go back to Leapin’ Lizards; it’s the perfect activity for us to do during the days that’s it just too brutally hot outside.  IMG_1222Thank you Emory for having us at your Birthday Party and sharing such a cool activity!  We love you bunches and can’t believe you’re such a big girl now!

Be Beeps

When we went to Aruba, I brought along Callie’s portable DVD player.  It was mostly for Vaughn and my usage to be honest, Callie hadn’t gotten into watching movies or much TV at that point.  But on the plane ride down, we were having a little meltdown and we tried playing a movie for her, which happened to be the Pixar movie Cars.  Ever since then, we have been in obsessed…  and I don’t a little bit, but over the top, wanting to watch it 24/7.  We don’t call the movie Cars, she likes to call it Be Beeps- the sound that cars make.  So whenever the TV comes on or she sees her DVD player the first question is always “Be Beeps?!”  I can almost recite the entire movie now, not kidding.  We’ve even tried Swan Princes, Happy Feet, and several others, but it never fails, halfway through the opening scene we get a sad face with the question “Be Beeps?”  It’s a pathetic and totally sucker face; I’m working on my “no” capability with this movie, but it’s so hard when she gives you that sweet look.  So for now, if you happen to be watching TV with Mac, just know you might be asked 50 times to watch Be Beep’s…  consider yourself warned :)


Granger Girls on the Go

Part III: Day 3 and 4

Friday came quickly and on it’s agenda was visit the Pentagon, pick up Alex and Grandma from the airport and drive to Gettysburg, PA. 

My boss at the Chamber is a CASA (Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army) and has some connections in the nations capital and was able to get us a private tour of the Pentagon.  It was amazing!  We spend about 2.5 hours touring the place, even getting to see where the plane crashed into the building on 9-11.  I didn’t take any pictures while we were there though, sorry!  After our tour, we had to quickly head over to the airport to pick up Grandma and Alex. 

Once we got them, we got our sweet mini-van and headed to Gettysburg.  It was a little stressful getting out of the city to head that way, but we made it- only getting road rage for a second from my dad when Garmin wasn’t working as fast as he liked. :)  We arrived in Gettysburg around 4:30ish, unpacked, and headed down to see all the Rowland’s!  The reason for this whole trip was for the Rowland Reunion in Gettysburg, and why Gettysburg you ask?  Well, not sure to be 100%, but it is where my Grandparents met and one of my dad’s uncles still lives today and even taught at Gettysburg College.  It was awesome to catch up with everyone again, and Callie had a blast with the older kids.  We headed to bed at a decent hour, while others decided to hang out late.  Callie and I were headed to the Battlefield in the morning and needed out sleep.

Day 4: Gettysburg Battlefield

We’ve been to the Battlefield before, but it had been a while and I didn’t remember much of it.  They have a car path you can take around the battlefield to see it entire field, and it’s nice cause it’s so huge!  Plus, it’s pretty much the same view from wherever you are- so it’s nice to keep going on through if you hit a spot that looks exactly like the one you saw two minutes ago :)

IMG_1055IMG_1063Along the road they had each state that fought a memorial for the soldiers that they lost.  This was South Carolina’s…IMG_1069IMG_1060Callie and her tongue… IMG_1079 After spending a hour and half driving around and occasionally stopping at some monuments to see what happened, we headed into town to check that out and get a bite to eat.  After a nice lunch we headed back to the hotel, went for a dip in the pool, and then got ready for another cookout with the family- including a family pic!

Here’s our groupshot!  Not everyone could make it, but a good majority did.IMG_1083 Out of the 7 brother’s and sisters only four are still living and of those four, two were able to join us.  This is my grandfather’s youngest brother- Butch- and one of his two sisters- Eddie.  IMG_1087My Grandmother- Jean- or Big Callie   IMG_1091Little Callie IMG_1093Callie’s stroller was used as a hidden cooler, true Rowland fashion...IMG_1123Callie has a blast playing with her bigger cousins; in fact, thought she was one of them the entire night- a little too brave for this momma’s liking! IMG_1149 Our immediate family pictureIMG_1163 Callie was also concerned that people stayed cool, so she passed out ice to everyone; I did warn them not to eat it, she like to drop them on the ground and put them back in the cup- yummy!IMG_1111We stayed up for a while that night visiting with everyone- these only happen ever 5 or so years so we had to make the most of it!  The next day, Sunday, we were headed back to D.C. to fly out and head back home.  Overall we had an amazing time.  I was exhausted, Callie was too- she came home and slept for 13 hours!  Even that being said, I can’t wait to do another reunion, the Rowland’s are always up for a great time!