Friday, August 31, 2012

August from the phone

Chloe loves trying on my glasses, it makes me extremely nervous, but it’s really cute


Call Me Maybe is our favorite song around here!  The girls love taking turns singing it on the mic


Chloe has to have her names on the diapers we take to Mothers Morning Out.  Callie has taken to this responsibility and loves writing her sister’s name


a fun Saturday lunch with Nana!


a nature walk through the park


Renovations started at our new Circa store and it’s been amazing to see this space transform into something so special!


watching Daddy drive by


Callie got a hair cut and a super cute braid, how I wish she let me do this to her hair


Tag-It-Art fun


How Chloe says her prayers


More trips to the pool before it closed for the season


The iPad is a great babysitter


Circa is finished!  The boys did such an amazing job


a trip to EdVenture


Doc is so good to these girls, and they love him!


Barbie has become a favorite of Chloe’s, apparently she’s not potty trained either


Before school started Callie got to check out her school and meet her teacher, she loved trying out the book bag (which is WAY to big)


Mac was having some trouble with ‘monsters’ in her room a couple nights in a row.  We decided to put a sign on her door to make sure they understood they were not allowed in, it actually worked


She loves apple juice, a lot.  And is usually very unhappy with me when she isn’t served any


The day before school we celebrated with popsicles outside


Hoarding, Buried Alive


Callie started school so me and the little bit are getting some one on one time now!  She like being the only one on our grocery trips, even gets a special cookie treat


I made these pjs for the girls, I love matching them


Callie has to wear tennis shoes every Thursday to school for gym.  At first she was terribly upset about it, so Mommy had to wear hers every Thursday too


The beach house was calling our name so we packed our bags and headed out with Kelsey and Levi


It was a little cloudy, but nobody seemed to mind


We also tried a new ice cream spot, it is hands down my favorite place to go now


Doc needed a check up so the girls, and ‘baby Levi’ took him


He wasn’t a fan and wanted to run out the entire time.  While we were there he started barking.  I corrected him and Callie then informed me that “A friend loves at all times.”  Yes, I was corrected by daughter with a bible verse, I was speechless….


August was great, but September is here whether were ready or not!

Monday, August 20, 2012

1st Day of School

Callie had her first day of school and she was SO excited about it.  Made for a better 1st Day of School picture than last year!


Last year…


Chloe joined big sister for a photo


So proud to be going to the big hall!


We arrived to school a little early and saw our friend Ellison.  They didn’t get in the same class this year but they love playing on the play ground!


Outside her class!


I interviewed Mac and want to do this every year at the fist at school now to see how it changes.


So excited to get school started with a happy girl!  Looking forward to a wonderful year for my almost 4 year old in her big girl class!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ending of Summer

School is coming in just a few short days so we decided to make the most of our last few days.  We spent as much time outside as we could, the weather has been ‘mild’ for August, and that’s just fine by me.  The girls now love the hammock so I grabbed my camera, Callie too, and took some last of summer shots of the girls.IMG_0711IMG_0750 copyIMG_0767 copyIMG_0780IMG_0785


Here we come school!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chloe, post ER

Chloe, Vaughn and I were extremely tired the day after the ER.  However, it takes a lot to knock this little girl down!  While in the ER she received a cute Build A Bear and she hasn’t let it go since, she’s affectionately called BooBoo Bear


She loves Dora,’DaDa,’ so we went and bought ‘DaDa’ bandaids to go along with the ‘DaDa’ yogurt. 


A doughnut always puts a smile on our face, especially when you wear a hat


Chloe also doesn’t have a fear factor in her.  She’s full tilt all the time.  One of her favorite things to do is to get her Radio Flyer rocket and ride it down the drive way.  She seriously should be wrapped in bubble wrap…


So clearly Chloe’s boo boo was harder on mom and dad than the patient.  Fine by me, I hate seeing the girls unhappy, especially with pain.  If anyone knows how to help us get this girl a little more coordinated, I’m all ears!