Monday, December 14, 2009

Bake Day

Each year Mrs. Granger hosts a group of us for what we call "Bake Day." They have been doing this for years, long before I even started dating Vaughn, so it's been a while! They graciously adopted me into their Bake Day and I have loved it ever since. We always make WAY more food than anyone can possibly eat, so it's always fun to share the love with other friends and family. My dad especially loves this day, he enjoys every bite.

Christmas Tree countdown- can you believe Christmas is almost here!!??

Callie "helping" us bake! She was very curious in what we were doing


Yes, even Callie got her own apron! Thanks Nana!
After she was done baking Callie got her purse organized, wish she would have done mine!
Everyone needs a good lipstick and bag! :)Callie and her Nana!
Here is just a portion of what we made. After 6 hours in the kitchen, we made quite a lot!

Vaughn took about 3 naps that day, lucky.....
Bake Day was yet another success. I love it when it comes around, and glad when it goes. I"M SO EXHAUSTED! I'm sugared out for the day, but there is always tomorrow!

Monday, December 7, 2009

PJ's with Santa!

Last Thursday was a very busy one for us! We had plans to go to the Holiday Market for PJ's with Santa and we almost missed it. I hit the curb turning to sharply and bopped two BRAND new tires on my truck. Yes, two. So, after three hours dealing with getting my car towed, we finally showed up to the Holiday Market ready to go!

Daddy was there working at the Granger Owings booth so we had fun playing with him!
It was finally time to get our picture with Santa and Daddy came to help mommy out to get a cute picture. Well, that cute picture turned into a total melt-down! This is the only picture we got with Santa, hahaha

We also got to meet up with our friends Emory and Jack! They had a blast playing together, Callie got the giggles which is SO cute.

Emory and Callie got to run around a little bit, which Callie loved- she's loving walking! Can't wait till next year when Jack and Watson will be joining them. They hugged, looked at different booths and Callie was just in aww of her friend.

Callie had a great time and loved saying "HEY" to all the vendors. She has the really cute thing where she says "HEY" to someone and then just does this funny laugh- below is an example...

We had a great time and I'm SO glad we made it. They had a lot of wonderful activities for the little ones and next year we'll be able to partake in all of them. Yay for fun Christmas Activities!

Christmas Tree and our ELF Comes!

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we went to the Christmas Tree lot that we've been going to for the past eith years with Callie to get our Tree! Callie was a little tired but we made the best of it. We got pictures with each of us then headed to the house.

While Vaughn got the tree off the truck and into the house Callie "cut" the grass! She was so scared of this little mower when we first brought it home, but LOVED it that day. CUTE!

After the tree was set up Callie's ELF "Jack" came and brought a basket of Christmas themed gifts from the North Pole to get her ready for the Christmas season! She got a book about why we celebrate Christmas, a Little People Nativity Scene, Christmas PJ's, and lots of other cute Christmacy items. She had the best time!

We are now ready for Christmas and can't wait to see her open her gifts on Christmas!