Friday, February 25, 2011


Likes falling asleep in the stroller during walks…IMG_4134

Chloe’s First Cereal

Chloe started cereal!  As much as I was excited about her starting, this would hopefully keep her full, I wasn’t excited about the start of it.  I remember when Callie first started cereal, she HATED it!  It took a while with Callie to get the cereal thing down, but once we did she loved it.  So, I went in this new chapter not expecting much.

In the highchair, not knowing what’s about to happen…IMG_4158IMG_4162IMG_4182First taste… not so badIMG_4166    Trying to figure out what’s going onIMG_4170 This picture cracks me up, love it!IMG_4181After a couple of spoonfuls, she had enoughIMG_4183

I as pleasantly surprised on how much she actually ate.  We’ve been trying two times a day and were making progress!

Couldn’t leave out Callie eating her cereal.  She thought it was funny that Chloe was eating cereal- we’ve been discussing that babies only eat milk- so for her to eat cereal was entertaining!IMG_4174

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Clean Up

Callie loves wipes.  Callie loves to wipe things.  I’ve decided to go with the flow on this fairly new obsession of hers, because sometimes, it actually comes in handy.  IMG_4147 Not that the dishwasher needed cleaning, but why not?!  Plus, hard to say no to this faceIMG_4143 IMG_4139

Friday, February 18, 2011

Chloe 4 Months

Happy 4 Month Birthday Baby Girl!

Time is flying by way to quickly for this momma.  You fit perfectly in our family and you seem to enjoy us as much as we do you!  Here is a little of what you are doing now:

  • Rolling over from stomach to back. You’re close to getting back to stomach, only a matter of time!
  • NOT sleeping through the night.  Hoping that the addition of cereal will help you with this.  However, when you do wake up for your midnight feeding after being put back to bed, you like to talk for a minute and then fall asleep.  I love it!
  • Jumping!  You absolutely love your jumperoo and could possibly stay in it all day if I’d let you. 
  • You LOVE your big sister and think she hung the moon.  Whenever she’s around you follow her every movement and laugh at her ALL the time.  I’m hoping your not learning all her meltdown habits right now, cause those are often, you think they are hilarious, glad someone does!
  • You’ve found your hands and they don’t leave your mouth often.  You don’t like your paci much, but your hand it working for you instead.
  • You really like your lama lovey that Callie gave you when you were born.  This has been a lifesaver more than anything! 
  • You coo and giggle often, best sound to a mommas ears.
  • You’d much rather “stand” to see what’s going on than being sat up.  You’re rather nosey with your surroundings, must get that from me :)
  • At your four month Dr. appointment you were great!  You had to get a couple of shots and didn’t like them much- can’t blame you!  You’re measurements are: Ht: 25 3/4 (89%); WT: 16lbs 4oz (83%); HC; 17” (95%). (Here’s Callie’s 4 Month Report)

4 Month Dr Visit Chloe at her 4 Month Dr. Appointment

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Granger Morning

 IMG_4073 IMG_4083 IMG_4067

Friday, February 11, 2011

It’s never too early…

for them to start a job, right?  Well, meet the newest employee of Young’s True Value Hardware, and probably the cutest :)

She’ll help you at the front desk with snacks- but she’ll more than likely eat them before you can even get your money out to pay for itIMG_3925 IMG_3926 IMG_3927She also “test’s” out some of the equipment to make sure everything is running properly IMG_3888And she’ll even great you at the doorIMG_3921 While she’s still in training, won’t be too long before it’ll all be put to real use!