Monday, November 29, 2010

Jack comes and Christmas tree!

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is one of my favorites, especially that we now can celebrate with our girls.  We have a tradition that the Sunday after Thanksgiving is when we go get our Christmas tree and decorate the entire house!  IMG_2850

This is also the time that our Elf Jack comes to pay us a visit.  When he comes, he brings the girls a basket of goodies to get us ready for Christmas- our Christmas PJ’s, Dresses, books, decorations, etc.   IMG_2853IMG_2855 Since Jacks arrival, he’s been very mischievous, and this mommy had to ask him to stop!  Since then he’s been much nicer… :)IMG_2857

Callie LOVES Jack this year and every morning she goes and finds him.  “Jack, where are you?!”  She hasn’t quit grasped the fact that he is watching her to make sure she behaves, darnit, but I think she will next year!  We are looking forward to much more Christmas fun in the coming weeks!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Zoo with Friends

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday we got to visit with our friends Graham and Neel and their daughter Carrie!  We rarely get to see them since they live in Nashville, but we always have a great time when we do.  While they were here Callie, Chloe and I took a trip to the Zoo with them, Callie seeing Carrie, but I think enjoyed pushing her stroller more…  that child loves to push a stroller…IMG_4757We visited the elephant statueIMG_4759And took a ride on himIMG_4765Carrie is only 1 but is like Callie, tall for her age.  I love other tall for their age kids next to Callie, she doesn’t seem so abnormally tall! :)

IMG_4782  We then visited the goats, the girls had a great time feeding them!IMG_4773 Their visits always go too quickly, but Vaughn has stated that we’ll go visit them soon.  Last time we were there was for their wedding- definitely time for another visit!

*Thank you Neel for taking pictures of our trip!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kids do the darnedest things...

In the past week, Callie has kept this momma on her toes. To say it's been interesting, is a total understatement! Here are just a few of the thing she's been into (this week)...
- Spraying little noses saline solution on the walls
- Pouring Sprite all over the kitchen floor- on purpose
- Locking herself in the bathroom while putting soap and lotion all over her
- Climbing on the kitchen stools to reach the candy jar- and succeeding
- Princess walking- something she learned in dance and the only way I can get her to walk without being carried right now- thank goodness!
- Trying to copy mommy by putting "contacts" in her eyes
- Taking daddy's deodorant and putting it all over her body
- Trying to put multiple DVD's in the DVD player, at one time

Last but not least, and by far my favorite/funniest
- Wearing mommy's underwear to Mother's Morning Out... Yes, I said wearing my underwear to MMO. Apparently I wasn't paying enough attention to our eldest daughter and while folding clothes this morning, she had grabbed a pair of my granny panties (of course it had to be those) and put them on under her dress. In a rush, I grabbed the girls and loaded us in the car and headed out. Well when I went back to pick her up, one of the teachers said, "I have to show you something." "Okay..?" I said. She walked over to Callie's book bag and pulled the pair of panties out, I'm sure my face turned BRIGHT red. She started laughing, as did I, and explained when they went to change her diaper, she noticed she was wearing my underwear, with both legs through one hole. Callie hearing her tell me this story, started laughing herself and said "Mommy Panties!" Great... At least I made the MMO teacher's day, or as she put it, week.

No telling what tomorrow will bring us, but I know it'll be entertaining as always. I'm taking my mother's advice though and going to write all of these down in a book for Mac. As frustrating as all of this can be right now, I'll look back and laugh one day, I hope :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans Day Parade

Columbia has one of the biggest Veterans Day Parade’s around and I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to take the girls to it.  It’s was their first time to a parade and Callie LOVED it.  We were there for over an hour, and it was still going when I had to bribe her away from it.   IMG_2825 Chloe, not enjoying it as much as her big sister IMG_2832 This police man was standing beside us and Callie thought he was funny, hopefully she won’t always think police are funny…IMG_2834 IMG_2835 IMG_2839

If you have seen Callie since her birthday, you’ve probably seen her in her new rain boots; she won’t take them off!  We literally had to hide them from her before DR and Kelsey’s wedding so she wouldn’t walk down the aisle in them.  I’m trying to go with the flow on this one, I’m guessing she’s not going to be a fashionista- like her mommy…


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Weeks

A week behind.  Last Monday Chloe turned two weeks, time is FLYING by.  While I’m glad it’s moving quickly so our sleepless nights come to an end, it makes me sad that our little one is growing so fast.  Last Tuesday she had her two week appointment and she, just like her sister, is going to be at the top of the charts in everything.  She’s already gotten back to birth weight and even passed it weighing 9lbs 4oz (90%) and grew a 1/4 of an inch (95%).  Looks like we’ll have a basketball team!  :)

During her two weeks, her belly button fell off and she was able to get a “real” bath!  She was very shy during her bath and didn’t want her picture to be taken, she was looking away the entire time!  She did, however, LOVE her bath and didn’t make a peep.

IMG_2800 IMG_2791Had to take a picture of her in the mirror to get her faceIMG_2792 IMG_2797 Big Sis was taking her bath too, couldn’t leave her out of a picture!IMG_2810

We also got to take a trip to Camden to see my Grandmother.  She hadn’t been able to meet Chloe yet, and we were up for a little trip.  Again, Chloe didn’t want to smile for the camera, but we made do…IMG_2812IMG_2814

Callie had a good time visiting with Grandma as well, helping her with her glasses and giving her big hugsIMG_2816   IMG_2817 We were excited for Grandma to meet Chloe and can’t wait to plan another trip to see her soon!

Another first in her second week, visiting Papa at the hardware store!  On the way back from Camden, we stopped in to say hello to Papa and Aunt Joanne.  IMG_2824 Callie LOVES going to the hardware store, not only to see Papa, but to play with all the tools and supplies.  We joke that she’s reorganizing things for dad, you know, putting the female touch on it…IMG_2819

Chloe behaved herself for the most part, but started to break down from hunger, so we headed on home.  Though the visit was short, I know that we’ll make many more in the future.  Hopefully Chloe will enjoy visiting as much as her big sister does!IMG_2818 Happy (belated) 2 Weeks Chloe!  We love you!


Last Monday we had some visitors, my cousin and her family, come by to meet Chloe.  However, I didn’t manage to get one photo of them with her!  I did get some pictures of Callie and her cousin playing, she loved having a visitor for her too!  It was so cute to see these two together, it reminded me of when they came to visit us when Callie was born. 

William and Callie played in the backyard for a while, chasing each other around

IMG_2769 William, super cute!IMG_2771Then it was time to go for a ride- wagon and bikeIMG_2774


Then, they wanted to switch activitiesIMG_2784IMG_2785And then again!IMG_2786    IMG_2782   We had a great time playing/visiting with our cousins and cannot wait to see them again at Thanksgiving.  I’m also looking forward to their new arrival in March- Kate and Andy are expecting a baby girl so now Chloe will also have a playmate!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I have been so looking forward to this Halloween!  Not only did we add Chloe to our Halloween traditions, but Callie was now old enough to go trick or treating!  We started out the evening with carving our pumpkin.  I like waiting until the last minute for this because our pumpkins always seem to rot out WAY before Halloween, this way, we have a fresh face for the trick or treaters!

Vaughn, with his assistant Callie, carved it for us, and I think they did an excellent job!  IMG_2736 Could these two be more alike?IMG_2739 IMG_2733Callie located the candy jar WAY to early… “Mommy, peeeasse?”IMG_2734The finished productIMG_2744Our good friends Travis (Pad-T) and Emily (Minnie) joined us for dinner and trick or treating fun

IMG_2741It was then time to take our little ballerina to a couple houses, but not before a quick picture by our pumpkinIMG_2748With Daddy’s help we walked up to our first house.  I don’t think she actually said “Trick or Treat” but she loved getting the treat!IMG_2756IMG_2755IMG_2750This house had some “scary” things in the bushes and it totally freaked Callie out- guess she might be a scaredy cat like her momma!IMG_2763      Chloe joined the fun, but thought the whole thing was exhausting :)IMG_2760 Family picIMG_2766

I loved celebrating Halloween as a family of four this year and already looking forward to next when Chloe will be able to participate more!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Callie’s 1st Haircut

Sunday Vaughn was going to get his hair cut so we decided that we’d take Callie along and get hers cut for the first time!  I knew this day was coming soon, it was getting very long and needed to be shaped up a bit.  She watched daddy get his cut and then when it was her turn, she sat in his lap to get hers done.IMG_2701 It took some bribing, but nothing that M&M’s won’t cure IMG_2707 IMG_2711 IMG_2717 IMG_2721 IMG_2727IMG_2729I was so proud of her, she acted like a big girl the entire time and didn’t fuss one bit!  I did forget to get a “finished product” picture, but got one later in the day (check the Halloween post to come soon.)  I love her hair cut now and I think she does too :)