Thursday, September 30, 2010

36 Weeks- Another Update

Today we had another check up (going every week now) and we got some pretty exciting news! I am 2 centimeters dilated now and sweet girl is measuring at about 8lbs (YIKES). I immediately asked Dr. H how it was possible for someone that small is able to gain so much weight in a week- he then stated it's all just an estimate and that she's probably about 7 - 7.5lbs. We tried to get a look at her face, but she's pretty low now and that wasn't possible, but we did see that she has lots of hair- which I love! She had this little glow around her head and apparently means hair, can't wait to see what color. Dr. H also got a good shot of her hands which are big and chubby (on the screen), can't wait to see if they really are! Dr. H wants me to go at least another two weeks, putting us at 38 weeks. All this news really put into perspective that we are in the home stretch with plenty left to do. I'm on orders to take it easy, easier said than done, but I'll give it a shot!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

35 Week Update

The end is in sight!  Friday we had our 35 week appointment for Baby Girl and got to see her sweet face again.  The doctor stated that our sweet big girl is measuring at 38 weeks and weighs approximately 6.5lbs!  We’ll more than likely not go to our due date, October 28th, but the week before, similar to what happen with Callie.  So now the countdown begins, baby girl (with no name) will be here in just a couple of weeks now and I cannot wait to meet her!  Next appointment- this Thursday!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Shellenberg

It’s official, JJ and Jill are now Mr. and Mrs. Shellenberg!  We had a wonderful weekend with all of the wedding festivities and we were so thankful to be included on their special day. 

The festivities started on Friday with a Bridal Luncheon for the girls and golf for the guys.  Then off to the rehearsal at Saint Peters Catholic Church and rehearsal dinner at the Blue Marlin.  


Great speeches were made to the happy couple and everyone looked forward to Saturday when they would walk down the aisle!IMG_1783 Saturday came and the wedding was perfect!  Jill looked amazing, and well, so did JJ. :)

Jill’s PortraitIMG_1843Cutting the cakeIMG_1830IMG_1796  IMG_1797 Some pictures of everyone at the reception

Emily and TravisIMG_1801

DR and Kelsey, hard to believe they’ll be getting married in less than two months!IMG_1803Me and VaughnIMG_1811The Granger’s!IMG_1817    Emily, Jill, Chollet and Me.  We were laughing at the lady trying to take the picture.  She wasn’t used to my type of camera and it literally took 5 minutes to get this shot!IMG_1823The band was great, but who could pass up Phil and Courtney serenading the guests?!IMG_1904 The newlyweds with the not so newlyweds IMG_1934 We had a great time being a part of their special day and we were sad that it had to come to an end.  We hope they are enjoying their honeymoon, so jealous that they are on white sandy beaches, blue water with a cold cocktail!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

IMG_1732Callie and her Big V

Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Watson!

This past Friday, we headed to a hoe down at the Dupree house!  It was Watson’s 1st Birthday and we weren’t going to miss celebrating.  Once we told Callie where we were heading, you have to wait until the last minute or she’ll ask it about it all day, she was super excited.  She loves seeing Emory and Watson but when she heard there was going to be a pony, the excitement level hit another level.   I totally expected her to love looking at the pony, but then not actually riding it, but she proved me wrong!

IMG_1669 She loved riding the pony and had the best smile on her face the entire time!IMG_0662

Apparently for Callie, the real pony wasn’t enough, she went around the rest of the night holding on to the play ones… I think she ended up playing with the whole bunch of them before the night was over…IMG_1705Callie and EmoryIMG_1694

Birthday Boy digging into his birthday cake! IMG_1714

Callie had been eyeing the cupcakes the entire night saying “CAKE!”  I told her we had to wait until Watson got his cake, then she could pick out which cupcake she wanted.  She was super excited  :)IMG_1720

Happy Birthday Watson!  We loved celebrating with you and can’t believe that you are already the big 1! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010


For those of us who have blogs, specifically Blogger, have you ever checked out your stats?  Vaughn showed me this the other day and now I’m obsessed.  Under stats you get an overview of how many people visit your blog, where they are coming from (websites) and even where in the country/world they are viewing it from.  As cool as it is to see, it sorta makes me wonder- who really cares about what I post?  I mean, I love to look at other peoples blogs, even of folks that don’t know me.  But why do people care about my blog?  As much as Stats gives you in information about the people reading your blog, just wish they could tell you why they read.  I mean, why did the two folks from Saudi Arabia and Taiwan stop in for a visit?  Hmmm…..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Car Seat

In part of getting ready for Baby Girl, we’ve been pulling out some of the “equipment” needed for her arrival.  Callie has been carrying the car seat around for a week now and practicing buckling it up. IMG_1648Tonight though, she thought it would be a good idea to try and sit in it like a baby!  IMG_1649  She thought it was hilarious and sat there for a good couple of minutes.  Hard to believe,  that just two years ago Mac actually fit in this car seat and that in just a couple of weeks her little sister will be in it!    IMG_1652

Callie Dance- Take 2

Callie had her second week of dance and she was SO excited!  This time, I didn’t forget my camera- and neither did the other mommas.  I could barely get a picture of Mac because of every other momma taking a picture of their kid, so this is the best I could do.IMG_1638Usually when Callie goes somewhere new, for the first couple of visits she likes to hang on to me and cries when I leave.  Well dance is a different story, she runs into her dance class!IMG_1641

How Ms. Haley keeps the little girls to stand in a line I don’t know, but they do, and I find that amazing.  Last week she said that nobody really danced, this week, Callie and another of the girls were the “leaders” and got the others to dance along.  My child still has no rhythm or good moves, but she is loving showing us all she has.  IMG_1645 We’re looking forward to many more dance classes in the upcoming year!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Catalog Living

I recently came across a new website while “blog surfing” and I just had to share it.  It’s called Catalog Living and it gives you “a look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs.”  And it’s hysterical.  If you’ve ever taken a look into a Pottery Barn catalog and thought “Who really does this” or “What are they thinking?”  You need to check it out.  I linked it below and even copied one of the posts….  Your welcome

I knead to believe…

Despite his age, Gary still held on to the childhood belief that when dinner ended he should leave a baguette on his chair for the Starch Fairy.

JJ and Jill

A couple of weekends ago we threw an Around the House shower with Justin & Chollet and Travis & Emily for our good friends JJ and Jill who are getting married in two weeks.  We had a great time and I think the newlyweds to be did too!44344_10150250009060142_823365141_14314894_3685705_n The hostesses with the bride to be!39909_10150250009730142_823365141_14314923_7716249_n I don’t think we’ve ever taken a decent picture of all of us….  40813_10150250009805142_823365141_14314930_8342439_nSome of the girls at the party!  39995_10150250008980142_823365141_14314891_8301181_n Can’t believe that in only two short weeks they’ll be getting married!  We love y’all “Jeeel and Moke!" :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Little Ballerina

This week Callie started dance class!  We’ve been dancing around the house now for a long time so she was so excited to finally get to go to actual dance class.  Sadly, this mommy left the house without her camera, I blame the pregnancy brain, so the cell phone had to do.  She had two other little girls in the class that were around two as well and Ms. Haley (her teacher) said that none of them actually danced the first day! haha  IMG_20100908_103632[1]Either way, it was nice for Callie to have something to do for an hour and she is still talking about dance class and twirling for Vaughn and me.  She goes once a week and I know that before long she’ll be dancing up a storm for Ms. Haley!IMG_20100908_103733


We are making progress on Callie’s big girl room- FINALLY!  It’s now painted, and I love the way it turned out.  Next- getting her bed frame, dresser drawers, and making her headboard, no problem, right?! 


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blogger Help!

Okay, I need some help from my fellow bloggers!  I would love for my blog to be a “full”page- meaning taking up the width of the screen… I cannot figure out how to “stretch” the blog to make it that way.  Right now if I make anything bigger, it’ll just cut it off. I don’t know where to go in and change that.  If this makes any sense, please HELP!  :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunset Beach, NC

We just got back from another awesome trip to Sunset Beach, NC!  My parents were going down for the week and Callie and I weren’t going to pass up an opportunity to visit.  We’ve been going to Sunset Beach now for over 20 years, and I hope we get to go for another 20 more- it’s my favorite beach to go to in the US.  Callie and I were in vacation mode the whole week which was awesome- we ate what we wanted, slept when we wanted, and played the entire time.  It was just what we needed before the ciaos of Fall hits us- our last vacation before baby girl arrives!

We got down there on Saturday night, which happened to be my mom’s birthday.  We got there late and we didn’t get to eat the yummy cupcakes that night- so we had them for breakfast instead!  IMG_1321 Vaughn was able to join us for a couple of days, but had to leave to go back to work- we missed him while he was gone but so thankful that he works so this mommy can be with her little one!  Callie missed him so much that she we colored “Daddy” on every sheet of paper every day. :)IMG_1325Callie loved the beach this time which made our trip even better.  She spent hours down by the water and if she ever got tired, she would say “Night Night” and go lay down on her towel under the tent.  She also enjoyed looking at all the birds so one day we popped some popcorn to take to them.  Mac was not afraid of them- at all.  And if the birds wouldn’t immediately pick up the popcorn, she would go pick it back up and re-throw it to them.  Sunset Beach 8-28 to 9-3 One night after dinner and the sun set, we went out “ghost” crab hunting.  I have no idea how we came up with that term for our late night crab hunts, but that’s what it’s called.  We’ve done it for several years now and it’s so fun.  Papa got Callie her very own flashlight to find them with, and when we weren’t trying to look directly into the light- we found some crabs!  Papa and Callie even tried to dig for sum- she thought it was great!

Sunset Beach 8-28 to 9-31

Hurricane Earl threatened our beach fun, but thankfully he passed right by us.  We did get some clouds and ruff waves, but it didn’t ruin our trip- thank goodness!  The waves did get up to about 6 ft, which is HUGE for the Carolina coast so it was fun to watch.  We went to go see the big waves on the pier- kind of scary but still awesome!IMG_1364 Sunset Beach 8-28 to 9-32While we were there, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take some beach pictures of Callie.  So here are several, I mean a lot, of the pictures I took …

Sunset Beach 8-28 to 9-34Sunset Beach 8-28 to 9-33Sunset Beach 8-28 to 9-35Sunset Beach 8-28 to 9-36Sunset Beach 8-28 to 9-37Sunset Beach 8-28 to 9-38 We are now back home and settling back in.  We’re going through beach withdrawals, or as Callie says- “water”, and cannot wait till we can go back!