Thursday, May 31, 2012

May from my phone

Popsicles are a favorite around here


We enjoyed playing in coolers, which is vaguely reminiscent of last year


Callie decided that she wanted to send invitations to her dance recital.  Fine by me, I made them so it would take a good 30 minutes of her day to color the ballerina in :)


Callie got a hold of my phone and took this picture, I love it!  See her rocks and stick?  She loves to give me these and I love collecting them for her


Mommy got a lunch off and got to attend St. Lawrence Place’s Angel Tea


Around this house you don’t escape the ‘Hoverband!’


The girls now love watering our plants, I love that it’s a chore I don’t have to do anymore!


We celebrated Cinco de Mayo Granger style.  Don’t touch her chip, she means business


I got this shot of the moon, it was supposed to be extra large this particular night, didn’t think it was all that big, but still neat


Callie’s school had an end of the year party at a park, of course they went for a popsicle


we love giving our kisses with a peace attached to it!


Callie’s growth flower, yeap she’s the tallest in the class


This love bug is the best!


The Granger garden in in full effect this summer, this time we’ve added cucumbers and it’s already given us several good ones!


At Chloe’s 18 month appointment the Dr said we should try and start sitting her on a potty.  Not sure about this, but we’re trying!


She also thinks it’s pretty awesome to wear big panties like her sister, even if it is over her onezie!


Vaughn came and surprised Callie one day at pick up and treated us all to lunch, Mac LOVED it!


Mom, Alex, the girls and I headed out to the Forest Acres Festival.  Love activities like this that can help fill us a Saturday while V works.  Also, funny story with this.  We ran into our pastor while we were there.  Callie showed Rev. Skidmore her purse which has a peace sign on it.  She then tried to show Rev. Skidmore a peace sign but ended up flipping her off- OPS!  Thankfully Rev. S has good sense of humor and thought it was hilarious too!


After church me and the girls got to visit with cousin Levi


Levi also got to come over to our house for the first time for grilling out


Who doesn’t love a fresh watermelon?!




This month Callie had her first last day of school.  I left with tears in my eyes…


Callie again got a hold of my phone and took this picture, not sure why though!


Callie’s first day of summer break was spent in the girl’s new pool, they had a blast!


Callie had her very first play date with her friend Reese, and she had a blast!


We also made cupcakes and got to decorate them!  The two big girls did a great job including little sister Chloe in all their activities too, so sweet!


We recently joined a pool for the first time.  It opened Memorial Day weekend and we got our moneys worth those three days!  The girls are now big pool fans


and I’m a big fan of the naps that follow!


Our cucumber plant is producing like crazy now and Vaughn’s favorite summer treat (cucumbers, red wine vinegar, and red pepper flakes) is always at the ready


We’re headed to the beach the first of June and Chloe’s nose wasn’t looking so great.  So I last minute decided to take her to the doctor’s office to check it out before we left town for a week.  Thank goodness I did.  Poor girl had an ear infection!  We left with an antibiotic perscription, instructions to double up the dosage of baby zyrtec and tylenol.  Also, if it wasn’t clearing up to switch to a different allergy medication completely.  I’m so ready for a cleaned nose Chloe as I’m sure she is!


That same night we went to celebrate Uncle DR’s birthday at Cantinas.  The girls loved their tacos, and especially the birthday cake


Happy Birthday Uncle D!


A GREAT May- now on to June!

Little Levi

As y’all know I love taking pictures and babies, so when those two can combine, I’m in heaven!  I asked Kelsey if I could come by for a visit and take some pictures of the little fella, and thankfully she said yes!  Levi was an absolute angel the entire time, never fussing once.  He’s seriously one of the best babies ever.  Here are my favorites from his little photo-shoot with Aunt Erin, enjoy!


Callie’s First Play Date

Callie had her first official first over for a play date!  She and Reese have become fast friends ever since being in dance with each other, it also nice when the parents have fun with each other too! Anyway, we invited Reese over for some fun and Mac was beyond excited.  I have a rule when we have friends over, you must include your sister, no exceptions.  These girls were beyond great with Chloe tagging along.  They started off playing baby doll upstairs- they set up an airport and a hospital cause the babies were sick and to be flown to the airport- while I baked cupcakes downstairs.  Then it was time to decorate the cupcakes, each got to decorate two.  We set up sprinkles and I let them have at it, I know slightly crazy. 


after decorating, the girls showed off their pieces of work!


I love how Chloe is looking at what the big girls were doing and copied!


We loved having Reese over and I cannot wait for all the girlie play dates in our future!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference

There is nothing that cements you getting older than having your first parent teacher conference.  Vaughn and I had our first conference with our first born towards the ending of school, and I’ll never forget it!  We met with Ms. Dawne to discuss where Callie was and how she did.  I was supper happy with her progress, all but two A’s! (A=always)  The two M’s were with throwing and rolling a ball.  Considering Vaughn and I were both heavily into sports growing up, this really surprised me- looks like I know what were doing this summer! Ms. Dawne did have a ‘serious’ moment with us.  Callie is apparently very gifted in the art department, she obviously gets this from her Uncle D.  Dawne stated that she hasn’t seen something like Callie’s talent in the 12 years she been teaching this age group and highly encouraged us to foster this talent.  I knew she loved coloring and everything ‘arts & craffts’ but not having anything to compare it with I thought it was normal, well apparently not!  I’ve started to look at little art summer camps for her to possibly take, but most require the kid to be 4.  We also took the opportunity to talk with Ms. Dawne about some emotional development issues we were having with Callie at home (you know the meltdowns) and she gave us some good pointers.  I’ll say it was an amazing report and and I’m looking forward to more to come!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dance Recital

The ending of the school year also means the ending of dance.  Callie thoroughly enjoyed dance this year and had gotten even excited about dancing on the big stage!  Well when it came actually getting ready for rehearsal and recital, that was a different story.  Like I said here, she’s having some issues when it comes to certain outfits, and this one was a doozie.  Needless to say, once I got her dropped off, she did great and you could see this HUGE smile on her face while she was on stage.   I was able to get a video of their rehearsal, and I’ve tried uploading it but it’s not working, hopefully I can figure that out cause its SO cute

The next night we got back to the Koger Center, in only our tights and t-shirt because we refused to get dressed, for the actual recital.  There was a moment when I thought her dancing on stage wasn’t going to happen.  G-Kat, Big V, Nana, Uncle Alex, Chloe, Vaughn and I waited to see what would happen.


And sure enough, she did it! She was great and it was just precious!  I went and got her from the ‘holding area’ and she was just so excited about doing her dance on the stagee.


Lots of hugs were given out


We posed with our ‘bestest friend’ Reese


and ran around with some other ballerinas!


We took a quick family picture and then headed out to dinner with the family to celebrate!


To be honest I was glad that it was over, those two days wore me out with the drama.  I did enjoy seeing her so happy after it though.  Also, it took me back a second to think that next year there is the possibility of BOTH girls dancing in recital- CRAZY.