Sunday, May 31, 2009


I was so excited to take Callie on her first trip to Clemson this weekend! We went up and back Saturday to visit Uncle Alex and see Cousin William at his 1st Birthday Party. Mom rode up there with us so we had some company on the trip. Once we got there we were hungry so we stopped into Peppino's Pizza- I hadn't had it in over 4 years! It was just as I remembered, yummy. Callie enjoyed her lunch as well, although I can't say it was as good as ours. :)
After some retail therapy downtown- it's changed so much since I've been there- we headed on over to Kate and Andy's house for Williams' party. When we got there we had the two little ones say hello. William was a little overwhelmed by Callie who LOVES all small people.

It was then time for William to put on his bathing suit and eat some cake. His mom had to help him blow out the candle, but he had no problem eating it. He was SO cute and it made me really look forward to Callie's 1st Birthday bash.

After getting cake all over the place, it was time to hit the kiddie pool. Callie brought her bathing suit so she and William could play in the water together. Callie loves the water, so put that together with a little person and she had a blast.

William tried to escape a couple of times, Callie just couldn't get enough of her cousin!

Here's Kate and William with Callie and I after their pool party :)
Time to open presents! William had just as much fun playing with the bows and boxes as he did looking at the new toys. Cute!

We said our goodbyes and made plans to see each other soon. We already miss them! Callie was exhausted by the time we left there, she and buddy took a nap on the way back to Clemson from the Floyd's.

We then took a quick tour of Little John and Death Valley, couldn't take her to Clemson without seeing the Tiger and the Hill! We had also bought her a cute Clemson pink hat for her to wear. It didn't really match her awesome outfit that Amy so graciously monogrammed that morning for us, but orange and pink work right?

So excited to see the Hill! Hopefully a future tiger, I'm not pushing it or anything...
We had a GREAT visit and can't wait to go back for football. G-Kat bought her a cheerleading outfit that she'll be able to cheer the Tigers in come fall!

Granger Beach

Two weeks ago we took our annual Granger Vacation- you guessed it- with Vaughn's family. Last year we went to Aurba, but not with the little one we stayed a little closer to home, Myrtle Beach. We had a great time having some time off, the month of May was very hectc for us. Callie seemed to enjoy all the attention and didn't like having to come back. We ate lots of good food and mostly stayed by the pool. We did venture down to the beach a couple of times, but Callie slept throught those visits. Overall it was very relaxing and we are looking forward to Rowland Vacation in one week!
Callie getting into vacation mode
Enjoying some sun in the pool, she LOVED her float!
Having a snack with her Granddaddy.

Family Pic


Mother's Day

I had a wonderful first mother's day! Vaughn, Callie and I headed to Lake Wateree. The water was still a little too cold to jump in but we still had a great time. Callie and I the week before had gone to the State House to get her picture's taken. Kind of a belated 6 month pictures but for Mother's Day presents. One of our good friends (Chiristian Viera Photography) took them for us, and they turned out great! Callie didn't smile once, but she's still cute. Hard to believe she's getting so big, but I'm loving every moment!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beach body ready? Not Me...

I've come to the realization over the last couple of days, I'm not ready to try on bathing suites and hit the beach for the summer. As some of you know, post baby body is nothing like pre-baby body. It has taken me a while to get used to the changes in my clothes, but the thought of getting in a bathing suit right now scares me. I started out strong in the weight loss division, but lately have hit a wall- diet and exercise ain't as easy as they once were. I keep saying it's because of my thyroid issues, but I hate having something to "fall" back on to blame. All that said, today is a new day. I've decided to take me loosing my last 10lbs seriously. No more letting a couple things slide every now and then. Vaughn and Shannon at work have been great inspirations. Vaughn, pictured below, is looking great on his new work out routine and Shannon has lost 20lbs on Weight Watchers and looks fantastic!!! We go to the beach the end of this month with Vaughn's family. I hope by then I'll be able to feel a little bit more confident hitting the beach! Wish me luck!