Sunday, April 29, 2012

Backyard BBQ!

This weekend we hosted a Backyard BBQ around the house shower for our good friends Emily and Travis!  We had some other great friends help us throw the big party and we had a blast!


Seeing that it was an around the house shower, we made sure Travis got some ‘garage’ gifts!IMG_0413

I love a good photo bomb! ha


Grabbed this guy for a quick pic…


which always turns into a silly one


Doc hung out with all the party guests.  I was pleasantly surprised with this pup.  He is usually terrible when food and trash are around, but he did great!


It was then time for the ‘pose’ pictures with the future Mr and Mrs Hollis and hosts!


Fang Figures!  Something the boys brought back from the bachelor party, not really sure but it’s hilarious when you’re all doing it



It was getting dark and they needed to open presents.  They got a lot of great items to get their new marriage started off right, even these great fishing rods! haha To know them, you can laugh at this pic, love it!


We partied late into the evening and made us just that more excited for the wedding in just a few weeks!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy 1 1/2 Birthday Chloe!

(7 days late)

Happy 1 1/2 Birthday Chloe! You are sitting on my lap right now pointing to all your pictures saying “MA! MA!” (me) and trying to type right along with me.  So this post might take a little longer with your help little one :)

Just like your sister, you are a great sleeper.  Bedtime is at 8:00pm and you usually sleep until 7:15- unless your sister comes and wakes you up!  You still nap for about 2 hours with no complaints, I hope you take one for a while to come!


You are a happy, silly, wide open little one.  I love every minute of it!


You love to eat, and eat and eat.  There isn’t much that you wont eat so that makes it easy for us. 


You are talking up a storm right now and it’s so neat to watch you say a new word every day!  Your favorites are: Mommy, Daddy, “Seesee” (Sister- can’t say Callie yet), Doc, Nana, BeeV (Big V), Papa, Dee-At (G-Kat), ees hat (it’s hot), A B Tee (the starting of ABC song), peese! (please), NO! (this you say way to often),  I dee! (I see), heeellllp (help! or used for up), and lots of other noises that I know what they mean but maybe not everyone else!


Chloe, you have some allergy issues like your daddy.  The weather and change of seasons can effect you greatly. You take baby zyrtec to help and when that doesn’t work were headed to the Dr.


As much as you and your sister love each other, some days look more like this.  You are at that age now where sharing isn’t a natural thing and everything is all about you.  If I didn’t have patients before, I sure have learned some with you baby girl.


You love water, especially a bath.  I can sometimes find that you’ve snuck into the bathtub to play


You still let me put a bow in your hair, thankfully.  This doesn’t seem to bother you and I love a sweet bow in a little girls hair!


You love your window down when we are driving the car.


Chloe, you are definitely in the upper percentile in height and weight.  Your Dr. appointment is in a couple of weeks, but you are already wearing 2T pieces.  I just hope the clothes that I already have for you will last through the summer!


One of your favorite things to do is to feed the dog.  I’m usually overseeing this activity.  Sometimes, though, I’ll accidently leave the pantry door open and you’ve snuck in to “feed” the dog.  You’ll give me this look and say “uh oh…”, yeah, uh oh is right.  Trouble maker 


You are an on the go girl, rarely staying still for more than a few seconds at a time.  Outside activities are usually the best for you so you can run all that energy off!


You can be quite sensitive with your feelings.  Especially if you’re not included in something.  You aren’t afraid to let us know, were just working on how you express it!


You can point and say nose (nooos), eyes (eeeyyss), mouth (mou), and ears (eer)


Sweet girl you LOVE your daddy, just like your sister.  I just love this video of you greeting your daddy, and I die laughing every time at Doc

I know each day is going to bring a new adventure for us and that everything I just wrote about you will be totally different in just a few short weeks.  I cannot wait for it all. 


Sweet Chloe Vaughn we love you so much and can’t wait to see you grow! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Strawberry Patch- Trip 2!

I told you we’d go back!  This time we were excited to go with some friends!  The little ones were excited to get a pickin!


or eatin!


Chloe, again, thought the strawberries were for her to eat right then and there, not to be picked for our bucket and taken home!


These two were great taste testers and helpers though!


All I can say is thank goodness for Shout and OxyClean…


Wait! I’m in a picture! Thanks Chollet for taking and sharing the pics! :)


We filled our buckets to the max and headed out


per usual, we attempted to take a picture of the kids


and this is what we got… one day!


Since we live fairly close to the farm we headed back to out house for some more playtime.  It was time to release the butterflies, I’m not sure who was happier for them to go, me or them!


It was time to say goodbye to James and fix some lunch.  Our girls love James, and I know the feeling is mutual, I just don’t think James’ love language with them is hugging… 


Thanks Helfers for a great day at the patch and our house!  Ready to go back, our bucket it empty!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Day

We woke up Easter morning to see that the Easter Bunny had come! 


The girls were supper excited to see all the goodies he brought to them!


We finished getting ready then headed out to church.  We love going to the early service at church, and this day was no exception to that.  After church we were having our parents and siblings over for our traditional Easter brunch at our house.  A quick family photo before we (Vaughn) changed :)


Then the girls saw G-Kat, Papa and Alex, photo op over!


After a bite to eat with everyone, it was egg huntin time! 



Love this picture! Mom, me and the girls!




It was time to say goodbye to everyone and take naps.  Chloe wasn’t ready to tell Uncle DR, so sweet


After a great nap, for everyone, V and Callie went out and got up a slip and slide.  Yes, the water was really cold, so no slipping and sliding were really had.  But it was great entertainment for a bit!


We ended our day with a cookout with some great friends.  It was just a wonderful Sunday that I could do over and over again!