Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Blue Angels

This past weekend Callie and I headed down to Charleston on Saturday to spend some time on my parent’s boat and see the Blue Angels.  If you have never seen the US Navy’s Blue Angels, it’s a must.  I was blown away by what these guys can do.  This also was Callie’s first trip on a boat this year and she wasn’t so sure about it.  After a little while of getting used to wearing a life jacket, and many goldfish later, she was ready to go. 

Here’s the two of us trying to get a cute picture, one day I’ll get that girl to smile at the camera!! Charelston April We applied lots of sunscreen on her fair skin.  She go a little more sun than I had hoped, which made me realize how quickly it can happen!IMG_9910

Papa, G-Kat and Callie Mac… again, one day…


This is a picture of Fat Albert, the Blue Angels’ supply plane.  It can also do some pretty amazing tricks.  By the time the Blue Angels cam out, I let my parents take the pictures, I was too busy watching in awe!  IMG_9928 It was an awesome day, a long one, but so much fun!  It was also great to have a day in the sun to work on my Vitamin D supply. :)  Looking forward to summer time, which is right around the corner now, yay!

Visiting JW Helfer

The other week we were able to visit the Helfer’s and their new addition: James Wallace Helfer!  I had the chance to meet JW in the hospital when he was just one day old, but this trip was extra special, Callie and Vaughn got to meet him!  He was so good during our visit, rarely made a peep, and when he did Mommy and Daddy were able to sooth him right away- nothing like a parents touch!  IMG_9873

Callie was a little more interested in getting into everything other than playing with JW…IMG_9861IMG_9854

We attempted to get a picture of the Mommy’s and their babies, but with the boys trying to take the picture, this is the best one, and it’s not too bad! Not easy to get Mac to actually look at the cameraIMG_9863 Especially when Lynard was near- she wanted to play :)IMG_9867JW, it was great to see and play with you!  We miss you already and need some more play dates soon!IMG_9856

Everything is Bigger…

in Dallas!  Yes, I’m finally getting a post up about our awesome trip to Dallas, TX. Callie had never been on a plane before so I was a little nervous about how this trip was going to go.  The flight is about 2.5 hours, and for a 1 1/2 year old, that’s a long time!  We were very fortunate to have our flight not full, so Mac and I each had our own seat, which I got spoiled with on the way back- more on that later.  She was great during take off and even most of the trip.  She finally got fidgety and needed to move about the cabin.  Thankfully we were able to and the flight attendants were great to us.  We got settled back in our seats for landing and we were ready to play with Lucia and Lucia!

  We had to wear our SC outfit to represent…


We hit the ground running, literally!  She was so excited to be able to run around once we got off the plane and I was so excited to see Lucia and Lucia!  It was great to catch up and I don’t think we stopped talking the entire trip- love girl talk with the best friend! :)  That night we went to their favorite Mexican restaurant and it did not disappoint.  Callie loved it too, and made a complete mess!photo1 The girls had some adjusting to do.  Being the princess’ of their domain, sharing didn’t come so easily- especially for my angel, HA! Everything became “MINE” even if they weren’t playing with it and someone just looked at it.  It got so bad, that Callie pulled out her bow and looked at me saying “MINE!”  Yes, baby girl, that bow was yours, but you can share it!!  It proved that baby #2 will have a not so sharing big sister at first, but hopefully will get there one day.  Although everything was “MINE” they had a blast together.   img_9403IMG_9402IMG_9489

photo2photo3We were so busy going everywhere I rarely had my camera so most of these are taken with my phone.  Let me just say thank goodness for decent cell phone cameras!  I would have missed so many opportunities of great pictures, like the one of her pushing the dog in the grocery cart! Sweet CiCi, such a sport. 

We hated to leave.  I love when I get the chance to go out to Dallas and visit, and I’m always trying to find the next best flight out there.  Speaking of flight, the flight home was less than great.  Lets just say it was full, Callie had a full blown fit, hitting and all, and I just about cried myself, terrible…  All that being said, I would do it again for another visit!  Callie and I miss Lucia and Lu so much and can’t wait to see them again- hoping they come in the fall for a Clemson Game!  Until then, we will work with Mac on sharing so when we get together again, we won’t hear the word “MINE!” :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy 1 1/2 Year Birthday Callie! (Belated)

Happy 1 1/2 Birthday Callie! Callie, I cannot believe you are already 1.5 year's old! It's been a blessing to by your momma and I can't to see you grow up to be a beautiful young lady.

You love to play outside and will head that way as soon as we get home. We blow bubbles and draw on the patio with our sidewalk chalk. You also love your tree house and slide, which you started climbing up and sliding down all by yourself! We love to go for walks in the neighborhood and wave "Hi" to everyone. You've even learned how to roll down your car window to wave hello to the cars beside us- you are so friendly!

Your favorite words are: Mommy, Daddy, Doc, Up, Uh OH, OHH NOO, Hey, Bye Bye, Cheese, Please or "Peeessee" and you are even saying colors- Yellow, Purple, Pink, Blue, etc. You continue to have a bunch of nicknames: Callie Girl, Callie Boo, Boo, Callie Mac, Mac, and Mac Attack. You are not always a perfect angel, however, which makes me sad. You have started to hit so we are working with you on not doing that, although it seems to be taking longer that we had hopped. You still love your paci at nap and night times. You've done a pretty good job not taking it throughout the day, but we keep it handy just in case of an emergency. We go to see your doctor next week and I'm sure she'll recommend we stop using it- she said at 18 months we should start weaning you off, that's going to be ruff, but you can do it! I also can't wait to see how much you've grown since your last visit! You are running all over the place now and its getting harder to keep you confinded, but that's okay, you are exploring your world and it's fun to see you learning new things every day. I love you baby girl and I can't wait to see what happens in your future!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Triathlete Daddy

We are so proud of Vaughn for completing his second sprint Triathalon! Not only did he complete it, he finished a whole 15 minutes quicker than his last one! Callie and I made sure to go and cheer him on and be his support team. I think he appreciated, at least it made him smile a litle when he came by. :)
We did miss the swimming portion of the triathalon, but made it just in time for the biking portion.

While we wated to for daddy to come back by, we had some snacks and watched others pass.

After the running portion, it as time to head towards the finish line. Callie wanted to make sure her daddy was well hydrated after the race and got the bottled water ready to hand off.
Way to go Daddy, we are so proud of you for doing another Tri!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby #2 Update

Baby #2 is getting it's very first post for itself! Today Vaughn and I went to the doctor's for our 11 week appointment. Today was so exciting because we got to hear the heart beat and see an actual baby, not a little peanut! The baby is looking great and was sleeping while we peaked in. Of course I had to have blood work done and that didn't come back great. My thyroid is acting up again and is triple the level it needs to be, which I immediately have to start taking double the amount that I'm currently taking. So, where normal would be a 2, I'm at a 7. Nothing that a pill can't fix right now, which is such a blessing. Our next appointment will be in May at 15 weeks. Dr. H stated that we might be able to find out the sex at that time, but probably not. Vaughn and I've been debating on whether or not to find out this time, and as of right now, we are going to find out. We think this might help Callie out with the transition, but maybe not, and we would like to be a little more prepared this time around since it's the second. I'm a little sad though that we are finding out, I LOVED not knowing for Callie, it was so amazing when she was born and they said "It's a GIRL!! But I guess you still have that excitement during the exam, I don't know... ? But that being said, we still have a couple of weeks to make this decision for sure, who knows, we'll probably change our minds several times before then. So far, great pregnancy, can't complain, and feeling so blessed!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun!

Happy Easter! What an amazing day we had. Vaughn and I decided to host our families for Easter this year and I think it might be a tradition now. Last year it was Callie's Baptism where we had everyone over to celebrate, and it was great to do it again. We were very sad that Vaughn's parents couldn't join us, his dad came down with a bug, and we appreciated that he didn't want to share. :) The day started out with Callie noticing the Easter Bunny had visited. She stood up in her crib and said "WOOOOO!" She was very patient and let us change her before she got to see what he brought, and boy was he good! Mac loved everything she got and next year we'll be sure to write him a note of thanks since we didn't this year- ops!

Mac thought it would great to add some accessories to her Easter outfit. Notice the bangles on her right arm that she won't put down so they won't fall off... yes, miss priss on our hands...
We went to early service at church and then headed back to the house for brunch. While we were getting the food together Callie got to open some Easter present from her grandparents. They spoiled her and she loved it. :) Don't you just love your grandparents for that?
After some great food Callie got to do her very first Easter egg hunt. Vaughn and I didn't get with Callie before hand to explain what happens, but ended up we didn't need to, she caught right on to what needed to happen. She found all of the eggs in the yard and was even a little disappointed that it had to end *We later did about five more small egg hunts for her because she wanted to keep playing the "game"* Vaughn put together her new t-ball set that the Easter Bunny brought. She liked giving Daddy the ball/egg for him to hit off the tee. He later said that it might be time to set up his putting thing in he backyard and have her bring the balls back to him and and place the ball.... hmmmm...

We spent the rest of the day taking naps and playing with our new books, puzzles, toys and finding Easter eggs. It was an amazing day and Mac was great throughout it! Hard to believe that last year she was baptized and next year we hope to be getting another one baptized!