Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all the men and women who serve this amazing country! Were enjoying celebrating this day poolside.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Sporty Callie

Callie pulled out her tee, bat and ball to take some practice hits.  Were working on her form, but she consistently hits the ball, and really far!  She was very proud of herself too Playing in backyardWhen she was over hitting the ball and having to go get it, she resorted to playing “golf.”  Not too bad at that either, maybe some golf clubs in the future?  IMG_5503

Messy Monday

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chloe’s Baptism

Chloe was baptized during early service this Sunday attended by some of our closest friends and family.  It was so special to be baptizing Chloe similar to how Callie was.  She wore the same gown as Callie and that I was baptized in, by the same water that Callie was from the Jordan River, and by the same Pastor, Rev. Skidmore, who Vaughn and I really like.  Chloe did great during her “part” of the ceremony, not that I expected differently, but you always worry about how your kid is going to act in front of everyone!  After she was sprinkled with water, Callie joined Rev. Skidmore and Chloe as they walked down the aisle of the church to show Chloe to the congregation.  The girls did so great and I was overcome by how truly special that moment was to us.  Vaughn could see that I was about to have a moment and leaned over and said “You know, the next time we see them walking down this aisle will probably be their wedding…”

After the service was over we got some quick pictures, and then the pictures stopped.  By the time we got to the house we were having such good time with everyone I didn’t bring it out.  So unlike, Callie’s baptism where I didn’t any church pictures and all at the house, Chloe got all Church pictures and none at the house.  Oh well! IMG_5467IMG_5473IMG_5477Family Picture (minus Callie plus Rev. Skidmore)

It was a very special day for our very special baby girl!

~Psalm 118:24  This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.~

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Krispy Kreme

The stars aligned and now there is a Krispy Kreme a mile down the road from us. Seriously, wish it wouldn't have happened, but since it has I figured we should welcome them to the neighborhood by consuming some of their doughnuts.
Chloe was a trooper and wore their hat- I think she's on a sugar high, I let her have a dab of "kreme" filling.

Callie wanted nothing to do with the hat, just her chocolate iced sprinkled doughnut, I don't really blame her

While I'm sure there will be more visits, I'm still sugared out from this past one. But it was Oh So Good!

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My Silly Mac

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Rubber Ducky

You're the one! Chloe LOVES this Ducky when they takes baths, anything to help with teething!

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This is how we roll

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Callie- Dance Rehearsal

Even though Callie’s dance class didn’t dance at a typical Recital, they did get to walk across the big stage during Rehearsal!  They were so cute walking across and standing in position.  I love Callie’s face looking all around (she’s the one on the far right.)  IMG_5460IMG_5461We, the moms, didn’t really know what to expect when they walked across- tears, screams, frozen with fear, but the three little ones did a great job!  In fact, we had somewhat hoped they would play their song so they could dance, but that didn’t happen, and probably a good thing!IMG_5465

Not sure that she’ll even remember it by this time next year, but I’m glad it was a great experience and she’s not scared to be on the big stage!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thunderstorms and Callie

Callie is apparently not a fan of thunderstorms.  I can’t say I blame her, I used to be TERRIFIED of them myself.  Last night we had quite a large storm come in with lightening, thunder, wind, rain.  It was such a strong storm our back door flew open, setting off the alarm.  It also seemed to happen all at once, which woke Vaughn and I up in a panic, and Callie up in absolute terror.  She RAN screaming into our room and jumped into our bed.  It was the first time that she’s ever done that- out of fear.  It was a momma & daddy moment like never before.  To be able to make your little one feel safe by cuddling up is something I can’t explain.  I loved it.  She, however, is not excited about the upcoming weather report either- storms for the next week.  Looks like we’ll have Callie crawling in our bed a couple of times for the next week, and we’re okay with that. :)

Chloe’s 1st Tooth!

Chloe’s first tooth has popped through!  After month’s of drooling and gumming everything, a little tooth has shown up.  I figured it was coming soon, however, I thought the same with Callie.  Mac was teething about this same time, but hers never came until two weeks before her birthday.  It seems to just now be really bother Chloe though, getting really fussy at certain points in the day.  A little Tylenol and she’s good to go.  Can’t wait to see if more are soon to follow!

Art and Popsicles

We spent the afternoon outside.  Anytime I can come up with some activity we can do outdoors, I’m all for it.  Callie has been wanting to paint for a week now- we went to DR and Kelsey’s Art Show and she’s been wanting to make her own painting ever since!

I set up her easel with some paint and a brush and let her work her “magic.”  It’s a little abstract, but just what I like!5-11 Art and PopsiclesIMG_5421 After painting on our sheets of paper ourselves, a nice cold treat was the ticket.  Chloe even got in on the action with her “popsicle” treat- grapes!IMG_5413 5-11 Art and Popsicles2  5-11 Art and Popsicles1Side note, when did my “little” girl get so big?  Seriously, is there a slow down button I can press, she’s growing much too quickly for me…IMG_5420

Callie’s Dance Recital

Today marked Callie’s very first dance recital.  The parents of the “Tiny Toes” class decided that instead of a traditional up on the stage recital, we’ll keep it simple and have it during one of their classes.  This in no way dampened Callie’s excitement of her big day!  I tried to get pictures of her in the room before everyone showed up, however, she wouldn’t stay still for anything!Dance Recital1

Ms. Haley took the girls in the room to go through the dance one more time and get the nerves/excitement worked out a bit.  While the parents/grandparents waited out side, Chloe got some practice standing up, I think she likes the view :)

Dance Recital2 It was time for all of us to come in to see the girls do their routine.   We took a video of it, I want to remember this sweetness forever.  Also, if you can’t laugh/giggle at this then I don’t know what to tell you.  I’ve died laughing several times, I LOVE it!

I was SO happy she actually did it!  I could totally see her not even stand there, but she did and more.  We were so proud of her!  Daddy even brought her flowers- she was so happy- Chloe was too!Dance Recital  The proud grandparents!  We missed the Grangers- they were on a trip to the Bahamas- LUCKY! IMG_5388

Way to go Callie Boo!  You did an amazing job, and I’m so proud that you stuck to it!  You never missed a class, even when Chloe was born, because I know you loved it SO much.  Next week we go to get your pictures taken with your class and you get to walk on the big stage.  I think you are more excited to put your dress on again though!IMG_5377

Monday, May 9, 2011

From the Phone

Radom pics from my phone...

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Princess Day

Callie had her last official dance class today and she was so excited because it wad Princess Day!

After practicing their recital dance one last time (will show video after recital)

the girls got to have a little party!

Complete with Princess slap bracelets!

Callie has LOVED dance so much this year and I know she's going to miss it. I can't wait till next week seeing her in her costume performing!

*I forgot her ballet shoes, of course, for her last class- Mother of the Year Award :)

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Sunday, May 1, 2011


The other night when getting ready for bath, I needed about four extra hands. Since I can't magically grow any, Chloe got placed in the sink to hang out until I got the situation under control.

I don't think she minded :)

Also, Chloe is now able to sit up in the tub! It's another milestone that I love to see happen, but sad that the baby stage is leaving!

P.S. Callie's face is cracking me up in this pic!

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