Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! I would have to say I think Vaughn had a good day! He started out playing a round of gold with his dad and brother, he didn't win, but still played well- that always makes the day go a little better. :) We then met up at his parents house to cookout. Mrs. Granger was nice enough to play with Callie for a little bit and let me and Vaughn take a much needed nap- it's amazing that you can be SO tired after vacation! After that we headed home and played for a little while. You might be asking what Vaughn actually got from us for his father's day, and I'll have to say: nothing really. The boy always goes and buys whatever he wants at tha moment and never leaves me a chance to buy anything for him! I was going to get him a mp3 player for our back porch, but he bought that two weeks ago. I was then going to get him ladder ball, which he had a blast playing with at the beach, but he went and bought that the day we got back! I told him this and he said that those would just count towards his father's day gift. Oh well. He did get to come home Sunday to a clean house, which is always nice. :) Although these pictures weren't taken on Father's day, it's Callie playing with her daddy!

Rowland Vacation- Sunset Beach, NC

It was another funtastic week at Sunset Beach, NC with my dad's side of the family! In total, there ended up being 18 people and 2 babies during the week. Gradma had 7 our of her 9 Greatgrandchildren there with her! It's hard to believe that it's already over, but we are looking forward to next year.
The first day at the beach, we took the baby pool down so the little one's could play in it. We didn't know if would work or not, but it ended up being a HUGE hit! Callie and her second cousin Stevie, he's 1 month older, LOVED it. It was also great to not have a pound of sand in their dipers. We just put their little toys in there, put the umbrella right over it and they were good to go for a while.
Callie playing with her shovel full of water

Little Stevie, such a cuttie!
Uncle Alex the lifeguard

Each beach week we have a "Ghost Crab" night. We take all the kids and go looking for crabs with our flashlights. We'll this year, we happened to stumble across a tresure map that lead us to some burried "booty." Capt. Jack had burried it there before Hugo came and we just happened to disccover his chocolate gold coins that night! All the little ones had a blast, Callie and Stevie were asleep and missed the fun, but theres always next year!

Told you she was crawling! She's a scooting machine!

Callie and Stevie crawling around

Unfortunately we didn't get a family shot this year, or I would have shared. We miss all the family already and looking forward to seeing everyone again in July when we get together!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2, 4, 6,

EIGHT!!! Our little Mac is already 8 months old! It's only 11 days into June and it's already been a crazy month for us. Two weeks ago I walked into Callie's daycare to find my pastor standing there (her daycare is at our church), although that's not unusual, the look on her face said there was something wrong. She informed us that the Childhood Enrichment Center had to close down for lack of enrolement and therfore funding. My heart fell and my throat closed, I couldn't believe it. I was terrified to let Callie go to daycare, but I have fallen in LOVE with her teachers and the Center. Rev. Skidmore was just about as upset as I was. The first thing that went into my mind was, what are we going to do! Most places have a 1- 2 year waiting list to get into. Then second, where are her wonderful teachers going to go?! After the shock of it all, I dropped Callie off in her room, and then drove straight to several other places that have centers like ours and found that they were all booked. After a couple of days looking, I finally found a place near my office that had a place for her. It's located at one of the hospitals and seems to be a great place. I'm so nervous though, now that Callie is used to Forest Lake, will Callie love the new place too? Tomorrow is her last day at Forest Lake, we go to the beach next week for Rowland week, and then she'll start the following at Bright Horizon's. Please pray that it's as wonderful as Forest Lake.

On a brighter note: Callie has started crawling!! My little bug is slowly, but surely getting to places by crawling. It's amazing!! I tell Vaughn every day- I think Callie is the coolest person ever! :) I don't have a picture of it yet, but I hope to catch her in action at Sunset next week with all her cousin's.