Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sky Top

Vaughn and I decided to take the girls apple picking today.  We kept it a surprise until we pulled into the parking lot of Sky Top Orchards.  On the way there we passed by some mountains and it was so neat to see the girls see mountains for the first time!  Still not knowing where we were we joked that we drove all that way just to see the mountains, Callie didn’t find that was a very good treat.  I had thought that one of them would have figured it out since I dressed them in matching apple shirts, but they had no clue and got SUPER excited when they realized what their treat was.


There was slight confusion because as you walked in they had pumpkins out, so of course we had to sit on most of them to take pictures


Then we got our buckets and headed out to the trees!


I LOVE fuji apples so we picked those first.  We also picked some Granny Smith’s for Vaughn


Chloe had the best time helping her daddy!  We had to teach her to be gentle with the apples (not throwing them in the bucket) so they wouldn’t bruise and be ‘yucky’


Callie was even able to climb up in the trees with Vaughn.  I think that was the highlight of her day!  So excited to be like her daddy


After we filled our buckets we headed to the petting zoo.  We got to feed Sheep, goats and geese!


Next was the play ground.  A perfect stop for us girls while Vaughn went an paid for our pickings.


After a little play time, Vaughn came back with some apple cider doughnuts.  Melt in your mouth good. 


We walked around a little more to check out all the apple goodies. Bought some apple honey and two little pumpkins to take home.  I’m not sure who had the better time, me, Vaughn or the girls.  As we pulled out of the parking lot I commented to V that I’m looking forward to this being a little Granger tradition.  I love when we make new memories/traditions together and this seems to be one of the best.  Now, just need to figure out what to do with the three bags of apples we have!

September from my phone

We started September with a trip to the lake with the Grangers.  The girls LOVE to fish and Vaughn treated them with their very own Barbie fishing poles. 


A few years ago I locked the girls in the Tahoe after doing remote start after I had already opened a door.  Unfortunately another friend of mine did the same thing.  It’s a MAJOR flaw in the Suburban/Tahoe models.  PLEASE is you have one of these cars, do not do remote start AFTER opening a door.  It’s no fun to go through or watch a friend go through  a fireman breaking into the car to get to your babies


Ok, enough of preaching!  :)

Chloe still LOVES to feed Doc, and usually ends up being all of the food all over my floor


Callie saying bye to Vaughn with an ‘I love you.’  We seriously couldn’t talk about it’s cuteness/sweetness or we’d both tear up


JAMAICA!  Vaughn took me on this wonderful trip for just the two of us!


The day after we got home, this song came on, such a perfect way to describe us being back with our babies!


Sweet sleepy girl


Callie started dance


and soccer!


Chloe is obsessed with Shower to Shower, I literally buy it just for her


I made boiled peanuts for the first time since college, gosh I love them


As the weather is turned cooler I pulled out Callie’s old clothes that would fit Chloe now.  In there was the outfit that Callie wore to go meet Chloe.  It was the sweetest heart wrenching thing to see, gosh they grow up fast


Callie drew this picture for me, it’s of me and Chloe with a piggy nose. hmm


My little model on another morning at the Zoo with mommy.  Love our little dates together but I can’t help to feel that were cheating on sister!


“Mommy when I grow up I’m going to be a teacher music girl.  We’ll sing Call You Maybe, Old MacDonald, Wheels on the Bus, and I’m Telling You.”  No doubt she’ll be the kids favorite teacher


dressing up in mommy’s closet


We’re a little confused about what holiday is going to come up next.  Halloween, St Patrick's Day or Christmas.


Got to babysit little Levi


more park play, we really love a good park day!