Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Callie and Chloe’s Barnyard Bash!


We celebrated the girls birthdays together again this year in one big party.  I’m seriously going to do this for as long as possible, makes it MUCH easier for me!  We went with a barnyard theme, I could lie and say it’s because they love farm animals etc, but I fell in love with the theme and then sold the girls on it.  Pinterest was my friend planning this party, and I’m kind of sad I won’t get to look up these cute barn ideas anymore!   The Granger’s have a beautiful home in Blythewood that has a barn, it made a perfect place to have this party.  We welcomed our friends to the barn with bales of hay and signs.


Each guest got a bandana and a hat to take with them and play with while they were there.



We also had a little photobooth for the party goers.  I think I enjoyed it more than anyone though!



We had a little table set out with crayons and little things to make a cowboy/girl out of


Our big birthday girl!


We had a little bit of everything for the food: pigs in a blanket, BBQ, veggie tray, a cheddar bacon ranch dip.  Desserts included: cupcakes, smores marshmallow pops, strawberries with dip, and cow tails.


A friend of ours has a blow up jump house and I took them up on the offer to bring it to the party.  It was a HIT!  This is now on our girls Christmas list


Now we had horses there, three of them in fact, and it was amazing that it even happened.  I had contacted several barns/companies about the possibility of having a horse at the party for everyone to ride.  It wasn’t a party making must have deal, the Grangers already have a horse and I knew the kids would love just visiting with him, but I also wanted to give it a shot to get one there for them to ride.  So I finally got in touch with two different folks about it.  After some confusion and thoughts of them not even coming, we ended up having BOTH of the folks bringing horses.  Three’s better than none? sure! Callie had a BLAST and rode several times on each horse


You couldn’t wipe Big V’s smile off his face, he was in his element for sure!

Big VJames2


Lots of the party goers rode, but some kept a safe distance, not everyone likes a big ole horse!


Kelsey, Me, Chloe and Levi watching the kids ride


Chloe never warmed up enough to ride a horse, but she loved looking and talking about them


It was finally time to sing happy birthday to the girls, and both were a little shy about it.  I did think it was nice that they both had each other to lean into for support with all that attention on them. 


once the song was over, they dug right into their cupcakes


As the party was winding down I wanted to make sure I got pictures of us with the birthday girls at the photobooth


Might not be the best family picture, but it’ll work!


We all had a great time at the party and Callie won’t stop talking about her Barnyard Bash and riding Appaloosa (the pony she rode several times)!  I had a TON of help setting up and preparing for this party, you know who you are and I cannot thank you enough!!!! 

Happy Birthday Callie and Chloe!  We love you!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Supper Club

Vaughn and I love going to supper club, me especially.  Anytime I can get out the house for some adult fun is great!  Travis and Emily hosted this months supper club and asked everyone to come dressed up.  Was so happy that everyone did!  Thanks to Kayla for getting us to take a picture, good times!481868_10101134372789757_1838562250_n

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Boo @ The Zoo

We headed out to one of our favorite Halloween activities, Boo at the Zoo, with our favorite little fireman! 


Wendy and Princess Tiger Lily were excited to start trick or treating


Trying to get a picture with these kiddos is hard, like really hard


We had a great time and it gave them good practice for the real thing!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Chloe’s Birthday

Chloe’s Birthday fell on a Thursday this year, which ended up being kinda nice. 

Last night as a one year old


Callie woke up that morning with a ‘pink’ eye.  I knew school wouldn’t take her unless we had a Dr.s note so we headed in to get it looked at.  Thankfully it was just a little irritated by something and she was cleared to go to school- yay!


Chloe and I then headed out to the book store.  I decided that from now on, on their birthday, we’ll buy a book to remember that day.


This year’s book, and the first book for our new tradition, was ‘Wherever You Are’ and it makes me about cry every time I read it.  I love Nancy Tillman books


After some more running around, we went to pick up Callie and then headed back over to the pumpkin patch to celebrate with some friends with a picnic!


We even brought everyone a cupcake to share the fun


It was about to be nap time so we headed home to meet up with Kelsey and Levi.  They got Chloe some baby doll accessories, and they were a HUGE hit! 


nap time on the other hand was not a huge hit….  No nap for this birthday girl


Chloe wanted to celebrate that night with her friends and family at Mexican, so that’s what we did!


Our little girl is definitely loved!


Sweet girl passed out shortly after we got home.  No nap and a PACT day finally caught up to her!


Love having this sweet girl grow in front of our eyes, but why does it go by so quickly?  Here’s hoping that her next birthday doesn’t come as quickly as her second :)