Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swinging Sisters

These girls love to swing!! It's also SO fun to have an activity that they can do together! I don't feel that I'm leaving one out while playing with the other, and they're not crying over who doesn't have mommy's undivided attention. So yes, I might like the swing as much as they do :)

Here's a video of them, a little long but how could I pair down such cuteness?!?

YouTube Video

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So the other night V was telling Callie goodnight while I put Chloe down. It was taking him a lot longer than it normally does, so I went to go see what was going on. Well, this is what I found...

He had fallen asleep! Callie was still wide awake playing beside him and thought it was funny that he was snoring! She didn't like it much when I woke him up, she's going through the I want to sleep in your bed phase. I'm sure soon enough he'll do it again and I'm also sure Mac won't mind one bit.

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New Trick

Chloe has a new trick, finding the dog bowl! Were working on "No", but she finds it too much fun to really care what I'm saying. Doc wasn't so sure of this new trick either...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who likes spaghetti?

She does!

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With limited time to spend with the family, we only see them a couple times a year, I didn’t want to miss any of the fun.  That being said, the girls had to go with the flow and nap wherever on whoever they could.  IMG_5951 DSCN4444 IMG_1688 IMG_5948

Ice Cream and Family Pictures

I know what you’re thinking, ice cream and family pictures don’t really go together.  But, that’s exactly what we did!  By the Sunset Beach Pier there is a cute ice cream shop that we go to each trip, the kids don’t complain on this little tradition. IMG_6021Sunset Beach 201113Sunset Beach 201112

We then walked ran across the street to the pier for some pictures!Sunset Beach 201115

With eight kids ranging 7 months – 12 years, and all on a sugar high, getting a decent picture was, well difficult…Sunset Beach 201114As was trying to get one with GrandmaDSCN4582  the only family picture we got the entire two weeks!DSCN4575 I love family pictures and was so upset when my camera’s battery died on me during our “session.”  I guess 500 pictures in just that week was enough

Sunday, June 12, 2011

On the Beach Fun

*Warning- Picture Overload!*  With over 600 pictures taken between all the families, and each one as cute as the one before, it was EXTREMELY hard to pick and choose which ones to post.  So below is some of my favorites and LOTS of collages in no particular order. 

Chloe and Callie LOVED to play in the sand.  I think Chloe ate half of the beach, while Callie brought the other half home in her bathing suit.  Sunset Beach 201111Jack and Stevie also loved digging in the sand- Stevie liked to throw it :)

Sunset Beach 20113Dad brought the blow up raft for everyone to enjoy, it was a big hit!Sunset Beach 20114Sydney and Kennedy Sunset Beach 20115Vaughn and Chloe Vaughn

Sunset Beach 20116Alex brought his girlfriend Alex for the week.  He must really dislike her to subject her to such craziness… :)

My mom (G-Kat) and dad (Papa)Sunset Beach 20117Chloe started crawling!  She liked showing off her new skills, when she wasn’t eating sand…Sunset Beach 20118Vaughn for fathers day got surfing lessons (he got his present early since he’ll be gone on the actual day)!  He has been talking about doing it for years, and I was so happy to give him something of his bucket list!Sunset Beach 20119This is my attempt of getting a picture of the girls with their matching swimsuits, oh wellSunset Beach 201110 heheIMG_6141These nets were a HUGE hit.  I think we had a total of 10, and each was used to the maxDSCN4425 DSCN4443Chloe and her blow up pool, it was nice to have something like this that I could put in the shade, but where she could still play!DSCN4476Chloe’s ride!  Preferred mode of transportation for the week :)DSCN4513 The millionth sandcastle built by everyoneDSCN4519Chloe and PapaDSCN4591Nudie Highnie! 

DSCN4602Me and Miss Mac

IMG_1691 The towel has to be juuuusstt rightIMG_1705Mac and her DaddyIMG_5794 IMG_5855“The Compound”IMG_5962Granger Girls!IMG_6007 As much fun as two weeks on the beach are, I will say, I was ready to be un-sandy!

Off Beach Fun

When we weren’t on the beach, we were still having a blast!

I don’t know about you, but we always played with our grandparents wheel chairs, so why wouldn’t these kids?!Sunset Beach 20112IMG_5860IMG_5921 Chloe was the little girls dress up doll for the weekendIMG_5924When you go out to eat with us (22 people), you need a whole section of the restaurant

DSCN4534 DSCN4536Fun with Uncle Keeber IMG_1629Stevie and his Dad (my cousin Ben)IMG_1631 IMG_1653Jackson and Stevie  IMG_1769Katie  IMG_5871My mom with new best buddy cousins Callie and Katie

IMG_5881I LOVE this picture.  Callie reading books, Katie reading to Grandma, and Stevie playing with a purse- priceless! IMG_5915  I would venture to say that the kids had just as much fun off the beach as they did on it.  Love that they had so much fun with each other!