Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's so hard to beleive that we are already 23 weeks along. It seems such a short time ago when I started this blog that my little baby count down thing up above was barely above 5 weeks! We finally bought furniture for the room, I was kinda freakin out about it.

Here is a picture of William Austin Floyd, what a big boy!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Additions!

I'm happy to announce that in the past two weeks there have been two births to announce!

First Baby Lucia Kathleen Luschek was born on Thursday, May 15 at 8:40pm! She weighed 7lbs. 1 oz. and 20 inches long. Here she is, isn't she so cute!My cousin Kate had William Austin Floyd yesterday, Wednesday, June 4th at 7:43pm! He weighs 8lbs 6 oz and 19.75 inches long. He has brown hair and deep blue eyes. Kate's husband Andy got a little queasy when they started her IV, but after a walk and some food with the father in law, he was ready to go, as long as he was at Kate's head (cute!). Hopefully I'll have pictures of him to share soon.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

20+ Weeks

We've made it half way, and plus some! Last week we had out 20 week appointment and everything was great. Vaughn and I invited our parents to come to see the first grandchild on the ultrasound. Everything looked good, it even moved around a little bit for us while we were taking a peek. Dr. Hanna covered up the screen when he looked at the area in question, since we still- well I- don't want to know, but Vaughn swears he saw a little something. He thinks it's a boy, so we watched the video of the ultrasound, and what he thought was "something" isn't really anything from what we could really tell. I mean, we have to ask Dr. Hanna what we are looking at half the time! So, baby looks healthy! It has really long legs and full bladder when we saw it. Our next appointment I do my glucose test, so I'm hoping that goes well! I'll continue on my thyroid medication until the end of the pregnancy and then will have test to see if it is a continued issue.

We still haven't done anything to the nursery. I have plenty of ideas, but haven't acted on one of them. I guess it'll come together eventually. Started to look for a Pieds Doctor and I think I found one, so we shall see! I finally look preggers, not longer do people look at me like "Has Erin gained a lot of weight since we saw her last?" The baby is moving more and more and I love every minute of it, so far! Play time is in the morning and then from 9-12 at night- hopefully that's night a sign for things to come once it's born. Vaughn has felt a little kick, he compared it to trying to feel your heart beat when it's going hard. We laughed for a while because everytime he placed his hand on the belly, it stopped moving. :)