Sunday, October 31, 2010

Newborn Pictures

*Warning, picture overload!

I decided that instead of hiring someone to take Chloe’s newborn pictures, I would attempt taking them myself.  So I packed up the girls and headed out to my parents house- I knew I would need someone to help keep Callie busy while I took pics.  As usual, I took WAY too many, but I think I got some descent ones!  Chloe was a great little model, and I’m looking forward to taking her picture lots more!IMG_2526 IMG_2542 IMG_2545 IMG_2550 IMG_2577 IMG_2599 Don’t worry, she’s yawning, not crying… :)IMG_2605 IMG_2631 IMG_2636 IMG_2656 IMG_2668 IMG_2679This picture looks identical to a newborn picture of Callie, and one of my favorites!IMG_2682 IMG_2684Of course I had to get some pics of both the girls…IMG_2686IMG_2692IMG_2697

Arts and Crafts

This past week it’s been a little gloomy outside so we were stuck indoors for the majority of our first week home.  This proved a little difficult with Callie since she LOVES to run around outside, and I love it because it wears her out!  So I had so come up with some arts and crafts projects to keep us busy.  One of the ones we did was left over from her birthday party, and it was just as fun as the night of! 

First, a quick pic of the girlsArts and Crafts2Now, time to start.  The project was gluing pumpkin seeds on a sheet of paper that had a pumpkin on it.  Simple enough, but something to do.  When it came to the actual gluing of the pumpkin seeds, I tried to put the glue on myself, but Callie wasn’t having any of that, she took over quickly…Arts and Crafts Arts and Crafts1 She was very proud of herself for gluing and placing pumpkin seeds, and I was proud of her too! IMG_2485Our fridge it now nicely decorated with her pumpkin art!IMG_2484

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Sunday we took the girls to the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin.  It’s hard to believe that this was Callie’s third year going to this pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkin.  Of course, lots of pictures were taken, thankfully a couple turned out okay…

Callie cheesed for meIMG_2445Chloe sleptIMG_2468   IMG_2435Callie even picked out a couple of pumpkins for Chloe, she’s starting to show signs of liking her little sister :)IMG_2451She even stood beside her for a quick pictureIMG_2458I think we picked up every “punkin” in the patch to see if we could bring it home IMG_2463But finally settled on one that was just right.IMG_2466 It was awesome to take our first trip to the pumpkin patch as our family of four! I’m also looking forward to next year when Chloe will be old enough to run around the patch with her big sis picking out their pumpkins.  We’re having craving night later this week, should be fun!

Week 1

It’s already been one week since Chloe was born, and time is just flying by!  We got home Wednesday from the hospital and have had our hands full with our little girls ever since. 

Since we’ve been home, we’ve spent lots of time in the sun…IMG_2331Going to the doctors to have our foot pricked to check our jaundice level…IMG_2328Having big sister cook ice cream for everyone, even little sister…IMG_2336   Played with daddy outside…IMG_2312 Having some meltdowns and timeouts…IMG_2353Letting mommy take LOTS of pictures…IMG_2414 IMG_2366 Coloring outside with our sidewalk chalk…IMG_2376 IMG_2380 IMG_2407Getting really dirty…IMG_2411  and finally, more sitting in the sun with our UV blanket…IMG_2357

We are so excited to be home now and setting in as a family of four!  We know there will be some challenges as we’re adjusting but it’s all worth it when we see our two girls!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Glowy Chloe

We knew it wouldn’t take long before Chloe had her own nickname, we just didn’t realize it would come so soon!  Friday Chloe had her first Dr.’s appointment where we found out that she was very jaundice.  We knew she was looking a little yellow (Callie was jaundice as well) so we had been expecting to hear this, but not at the level that she was.  The Dr. sent us home with orders to place her in the sunlight and under a UV blanket (which was being sent to our house that afternoon.)  We’ve been blessed that Callie has been so healthy, that this was a huge shock.  Chloe has been on the UV blanket now for a couple of days and we can already see an improvement in her coloring (a follow up appointment stated that she is improving but we much keep her on it.)  The catch is, that she is to be directly on the blanket, no clothing/blankets in the way.  This has proven difficult because we can’t swaddle her and she’s been stuck in her car seat for the last couple of days.  She also doesn’t sleep well at night so momma’s had to “sleep” holding her and the blanket.  The nickname comes from the blue glow the blanket emits (see picture below.)   We know this is only temporary, and so thankful that she’s getting better.  She get’s another checkup tomorrow morning, we’re hoping she’ll be well enough to get off the blanket and just take in some good ol’ sunlight.  Till then, Glowy Chloe will have to do…  


Friday, October 22, 2010

Chloe’s Birthday

She’s here!  We are so happy to welcome Chloe Vaughn to our family, she’s a perfect fit and we couldn’t feel more blessed!

We started our day bright and early with a 5;30am check in.  I got hooked up to all the monitoring machines and was surprised to realize I was having contractions naturally.  DSC_0106 After a more painful labor than with Callie, Chloe made her grand appearance at 1:56 pm, just barley beating Dr. Hanna’s 2:00 arrival prediction!

After a thorough look-over, we were handed our new little bundle of joy, making us a family of four!DSC_0115 DSC_0140Callie was able to come to the hospital not long after Chloe’s birth, and I was SO happy to see her!  She was so excited to meet “Baby Seester” but didn’t want to get to close to mommy or baby.  

DSC_0129She did manage to give a peck though :)DSC_0130DSC_0120We had lots of family and friends show up, we’re so lucky to have such a wonderful support system!  We tried to get pics of everyone, but missed a few, but here are some of those who stopped by…DSC_0121DSC_0124DSC_0127    DSC_0244 DSC_0235 DSC_0234 First picture of Vaughn and his girls! DSC_0155 We are now home and adjusting to our family of four, and taking each new change in stride.  We’re loving our new addition and can’t wait to see her grow like her big sis!